In today’s society cars have become more important to our image and status than ever before. What was once considered a simple mode of transport, is now regarded as a cherished possession of pride and joy. Studies have even revealed that the car you drive can affect how attractive you are to the opposite sex. Madness. But with so much choice within the market, we drivers are now able choose our cars based on a whole range of variables. As a result, your choice of wheels can in fact reveal a lot about yourself, perhaps more than you even realise.

So, what does your car say about you? Below, we’ve listed a handful of models from a selection of the top manufacturers and summarised, in a nutshell, what they reveal about their drivers.

Sports Car - AUDI R8, Mercedes AMG-C63, BMW M4 


If you own one of these, sleek and sexy, sporty models then there is no denying, you like to draw plenty of attention to yourself. You’re a bit of an adrenaline junky and thrive off speed, which is readily available at the touch of your pedal. Sadly, you’re likely to be the driver on the road that everyone hates – cutting in and out of lanes, getting too close to other drivers and accelerating away from traffic lights like you’re at the starting line of a Formula 1 race.

Mid-sized Family Car – Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, Volkswagen Golf


Prioritising safety, space and practicality, mid-sized family cars are the perfect choice for, you’ve guessed it - a family. Therefore, if you drive one of these, you’re likely to have a family of your own and having a large boot to store your pram, or bundle the dog in to, will be more important to you than a plush interior or a flashy badge. Because at the end of the day, you’re really not trying to impress anyone and trying to squeeze everyone into a cramped car together for a long journey is never fun. And as long as it can get you safely from A to B you’re perfectly content, even if it’s not the most luxurious choice. When it comes to making decisions, you’ll usually choose the safest option.

Luxury Car – Jaguar XF, Bentley Continental GT, Rolls Royce Phantom


No matter how low on the materialistic scale you are, I think all of us secretly wish we owned one of these fabulous beauties. With celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez, David Beckham and The Queen being among the owners of various models from these manufactures, having any model with one of these badges symbolises that you’ve made it. Ok, you might not be a Hollywood actor, a world-class sports player or royalty, but you are likely to be a successful, high achiever, with plenty of cash to splash. You enjoy the high life of comfort and luxury, and you’re happy to make people aware of this by flaunting your fancy set of wheels for all to see.

Small Car or Hatchback – Volkswagen Polo, Ford KA, Suzuki Swift


If you own a small car, you’re likely to prioritise cheap running costs and efficiency. Therefore, you’re more sensible when it comes to spending, and value practicality over a flashy image. You’re likely to be more conscious of environmental issues, including those caused from car emissions which explains your decision to opt for an eco-friendly choice. You’re happy to compromise on the fact that it can be a little cramped, and perhaps not the most comfortable ride, providing it can get you efficiently to your destinations.

Quirky car – Mini Cooper, Fiat 500, Nissan Juke


If you own one from this trendy bunch, you’re likely a stylish individual with a bit of a quirky edge. Your car is another accessory to accompany your image, but it is also your pride and joy. These cars are generally most popular with millennials, so if you drive one of these the chances are, you’re probably a fan of the avocado too!

The heavy-duty vehicle – Jeep, Land Rover, Pick-up Truck


A heavy-duty vehicle such as the above, are generally owned by those who lead a hardy, outdoor lifestyle, therefore you’re probably not a city dweller, and prefer the rural county lifestyle. Your car has probably experienced some serious off-road adventures in its time and has many more ahead of it. Personality wise, you’re likely to be of the adventurous sort with a practical approach and no-nonsense attitude.

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