For many drivers, the only time we think about our car’s health is before the MOT or after a breakdown. A visit to the mechanic is something we might put off, for fear of finding something expensive that needs repairing. But, if you don’t get your car serviced regularly, you could be causing yourself an even more expensive problem.

A car service can get your car in good working condition. It can also help locate issues before they become major problems. But what exactly happens when your car is serviced? Here’s a quick rundown.


During a service, the garage will look at the car’s engine. They will check the oil levels and quality, to ensure that it is working efficiently. If the oil has become contaminated, then they may do an oil change for you, although some mechanics might charge extra for that.

Brakes and steering

A service will also look at the brakes. This includes checking the levels of brake fluid in the car to ensure that the brakes work efficiently. They will also examine the brake pads and alert you of any major wear or tear that will reduce the effectiveness of the brakes.

The mechanic will also look at the car’s steering, especially the tracking. This is how well-aligned the wheels are to the steering wheel. Over the months, this can become misaligned through use and the occasional bump on a kerb or pothole. Fixing the tracking will mean you have much better control over the vehicle.


Your car’s tyres will be checked for wear and tear. If they have any damage or excessive wear, this should be flagged to you. If the tyres are okay, the mechanic should check the pressure levels and adjust them to the correct pressure.


As well as the oil and brake fluid, the service will look at the fluid levels of your car, especially the water level. They will check that there is the correct level of antifreeze in the vehicle, so that your car won’t become frozen solid during the colder months. They will also top up the wiper fluid too.


The service will examine the car’s suspension, to ensure you are getting the level of comfort and protection that you should from the vehicle. They may adjust the suspension back to the recommended manufacturer settings. They can also adjust it to how you prefer, if you have a certain softness or hardness that you desire from the car.

Car battery

The car battery is another area that will be examined during the service. The mechanic will check the effectiveness of the car, and see if it’s charge is in a good condition. They will check the connectors to the car’s engine, as these can become dirtied over the year. The mechanic may recommend that the battery is changed. You can either get them to do it or do it yourself.


Another check is on the car’s lights. They will check all the bulbs are working properly at the correct intensity. As well as checking and replacing bulbs, the mechanic will clean out the plastic casing, to ensure that the lights are as effective as possible.

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