What characteristics in a car would you look for if you are going on a road trip? Would it be space, fuel-efficiency, reliability, safety, or comfort? Probably a combination of all of these characteristics. But which cars offer you the best of these characteristics? In this blog, we will be walking you through the best cars for a long road trip with your family.

Skoda Octavia Estate


First on our list is the Skoda Octavia Estate. With its spacious capacity, economical fuel engines coupled with reasonable quality and safety, the Skoda Octavia Estate offer all of these to an acceptable standard. The Skoda Octavia Estate received a full 5 stars from the European New Car Assessment Programme and is crash tested to ensure it protects its occupants. The car is also reasonably comfortable due to its space and interior.

Volkswagon Touran


Next on our list is the Volkswagen Touran. This MPV offers excellent space and good fuel economy. Volkswagen always offer good reliability and safety for its cars and the Volkswagen Touran is no exception. As for space and comfort the vehicle comes with a foldable third row of seats making it a seven seater with plenty of space which is perfect for larger families. The boot however is a bit on the small side.

SEAT Alhambra


The SEAT Alhambra is another MPV on our list. Its reliability can be improved but it does offer good fuel efficiency. With seven seats, it offers plenty of space for the family although like the Touran the boot is a bit too small. The SEAT Alhambra scored a max 5 star on the European New Car Assessment Programme crash test which means safety is not a concern. Considering its size the car is cheap to run and very fuel efficient. The SEAT Alhambra is a fairly comfortable car given its spacious size and interior.

Honda Jazz


Next up is the Honda Jazz. Honda has a reputation for reliability so there is no concern for this characteristic. Running between 55.4 to 61.4mpg the running cost is reasonably economical and it has plenty of space for passengers and storage for a small car. With a full roster of airbags, electronic braking and anti-skid technology, the Honda Jazz is well equipped for road safety.

Toyota Prius


This is the world’s first mass produced hybrid car. Although the quality has been criticized it has good reliability and is fairly economical at around 50-55mpg for normal driving.  The vehicle has plenty of room for 5 people and is very comfortable.  In regards to safety, there is Toyota’s Safety Sense Package which consists of a road sign recognition system and lane departure warning. There are also sensors that can detect vehicles and pedestrians and automatically apply brakes if there is a high chance of impact.

So, there you have it. Five cars with various degrees of space, comfort, fuel economy, safety and reliability. For a larger family either the Volkswagen Touran or the SEAR Alhambra would be the most appropriate choice of vehicle. For long distance fuel economy, the Honda Jazz or Toyota Prius come out on top for first choice. However, if you are looking for a car with optimum storage, the Skoda Octavia Estate is a solid choice.

Do any of these cars on our list take your fancy? Why not take a look at our extensive range of cars including the Skoda Octavia Estate, Volkswagon Touran, SEAT Alhambra, Honda Jazz and Toyota Prius. Get in touch with our expert Customer Advisors by completing our quick online application form, and they will be able to assist you on getting the perfect road trip ready car for you.


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