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What my car says about me – Mini One Convertible


It’s pretty easy to make assumptions about what kind of person drives what kind of car. A car says a lot about your attitude and your personality – ever heard the saying you are what you eat? Well welcome to the saying ‘you are what you drive’.

So, I’m currently found behind the wheel of a cream Mini One Convertible and I personally don’t think I couldn’t find a car better suited to me.

First of all – It’s PEPPER WHITE! Which means it gets incredibly dirty and requires a lot of looking after to keep clean – an extremely high maintenance car for an extremely high maintenance girl it would seem.

Despite the constant attention it requires there are 2 further reasons as to why I chose to buy a white car, let me explain.

White is the new black without a question of doubt. Prior to Apple making white a cool colour, the colour white was associated with white goods – now it’s the colour choice that everyone is opting for and that’s simply why I choose it! Not only is the colour hugely fashionable, it also indicates class and elegance, and looks simply beautiful – it’s hard not to double take a pepper white mini.

Convertible or hard-top, hmm well that was an easy decision!

Convertibles are FUN to drive. Feeling the sun on your shoulders and the wind through your hair makes driving them enjoyable and of course guys pay more attention when they can see what’s actually in the car! It looks incredibly cute and it seems to compliment my image extremely well. Whether I’m pouting in the mirror whilst stuck in traffic to apply my bright pink lipstick or powdering my face – I feel at home. Passers-by don’t seem phased by this either – it’s like they expect it of the typical Mini driver and guess what? They’re not far wrong! We love all pretty things but especially looking gorgeous at whatever cost!

Now for the styling of the Mini it’s pretty tidy … don’t you agree? With its slick exterior and retro interior it’s definitely one to watch on the catwalk. Now it wouldn’t be fair to cramp this cars style would it? This car only deserves the best and to be driven by one who is decked out in skinny jeans, Christian Louboutins, and oversized Marc Jacobs handbags – you’ve got it daddy’s girl.

Now there are draw backs to having such a small car – us girly girls do love to shop! Once the handbag takes its seat in the front and the boot is part loaded with a selection of emergency heels, it doesn’t leave you with much room for your shopping, especially when you have free run of daddy’s credit card and the options for spending seem endless.

So here you have it – Does my car suit me? Hell yes!


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