Image: For love or money?

A survey conducted by our friends at Experian recently found out that 75% of women rate financial prudence along with intelligence more attractive in a partner than their appearance, education or background.


No, didn’t think so. Many women if placed in front of a camera will confess and say that they are looking for a man with tight abs and a great sense of humour, but how many of them will really admit to liking the healthy bank balance to go with all that?

Research has confirmed that with women getting better jobs, they are looking for their men to have a spending power to match.

Further research has shown that the only factor rated more attractive than financial prudence in a potential partner was a good sense of humour scoring a well-respected (87%). Appearance followed after money with 65%, education at 42% and background at 26%.

However interestingly for men, financial responsibility wasn’t considered nearly as important with only 55% choosing this. For a man, the most undeniably important factors for a woman to possess were physical attraction and a great sense of humour with 87% of men choosing a great sense of humour any day of the week.

A Joint Decision

Seven out of ten (70%) couples also say they make all big financial decisions together – the average Briton won’t spend more than £313.46 without first getting approval from their other half. However, 60% of us admit to arguing with their other half over money (6% regularly), with over-spending accounting for half of all rows (51%).

Experian research has also found that 17% of Britons have seen their or their partner’s credit score harmed through their relationships. Of those, 1 in 5 found getting a mortgage more difficult or expensive, while 8% were unable to secure one at all. Just over 1 in 5 (23%) were unable to get a credit card, or take out store credit (21%). It’s worth checking your credit report to see if and how you are financially linked. Credit reports only become linked if two people have actually applied for credit together (eg: a joint bank account, a mortgage with two names on it) or they tell Experian or a lender that they are financially connected. If you don’t have one you can sign up to Experian CreditExpert or order a one-off £2 statutory report.

Partnering up when applying for a loan can be an excellent way of increasing your chances of being accepted. Here at Creditplus we recognise that and have a diverse panel of lenders to help facilitate loans for customers with a range of credit circumstances.

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