It’s official, World Cup fever has hit Creditplus! We are all getting very excited about the 2014 World Cup! England Kick off their campaign tomorrow night against Italy in what is likely to be a tough game between two evenly matched sides.

In true Creditplus style we wanted to show our support to our England team and we have taken time out in the sunny weather to put a short video together to show just how England could beat Italy!

Our mascot has taken to the pitch (yes it is as bad as the teams will be playing on tomorrow!) to take on Italy, well a slightly Italian goalkeeper, single-handedly! You will see some skills that slightly resemble football skills from our mascot as he shows the England players just ‘how to stick the ball in the back of the [invisible] net’, and even how to celebrate wildly with the winning result! We need you help to share this video with as many people as possible so make sure you visit our Facebook page and share our video! Or you can just use the following link: From everyone at Creditplus we hope you enjoy the World Cup! Good Luck England, make us proud!

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