SECCI (Standard European Consumer Credit Information) was a document that provided a comprehensive overview of your Credit Agreement.

Since leaving the European Union, finance firms in the United Kingdom provide Pre-contract credit information.

This form includes key details including your; type of credit, APR, Deposit, Monthly Payments, Balloon Payment (or optional final payment), the total amount repayable, and finally, the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The form is standardised between finance providers, allowing you to easily and clearly compare different offers.

All regulated credit providers are legally entitled to provide you with a pre-contract credit information form before you enter into a finance agreement. If you do not receive one, you should think carefully before progressing with your finance application.


Why is the pre-contract credit information form important?

Car finance has not always been straight-forward, especially if you wanted to compare the best deal between providers and were presented with agreements in different formats.

The use of jargon and unfamiliar terms only seemed to add to the confusion.

So how do you know the car finance agreement you’re signing has the right numbers and terms you’re expecting?

The pre-contract credit information form is the answer.

By presenting the information in a clear format, standardised between all FCA regulated lenders, you can clearly see what you’re signing up for.

And, if you do decide to look elsewhere, you’ll easily compare different offers.

Ready to get your next car?

Check your eligibility today without affecting your credit score and receive an instant decision.

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