SECCI (Standard European Consumer Credit Information), is a standardised form designed to show you exactly what your finance agreement contains. The form will include key details such as type of credit, Annual Percentage Rate (APR), number and frequency of payments, and total amount owed. The form is designed to be standardised between providers, allowing customers to clearly compare differing finance packages.

All credit providers should provide you with a SECCI form. If you do not receive one, then you should not proceed with your finance application.

Why Is The SECCI Form Important?

Car finance can be a confusing process, especially when it comes to signing the agreements and confirming which deal you want to proceed with. The use of jargon and terms that you might not be familiar with can add to the confusion. So how do you know the car finance agreement you’re signing up for has the terms and numbers you’re expecting?

The SECCI form is the answer. By presenting the information in a clear format, standardised between all FCA regulated lenders, you can clearly see what you are signing up for. If you do decide to look elsewhere, you will also be able to clearly compare other offers with the one you already have.

Simply put, the SECCI form is a vital part of the car finance process and if the lender or broker does not provide you with one, you should be asking why not? Chances are they might be hiding something very important from you.

Want To Be Sure?

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