Short term loan


With a short term loan, you pay back the amount borrowed over a shorter period.

Typically, a short term loan is between 6 months to a year, but term lengths will vary among different finance providers.


How it works

Short term loans are usually more cost-effective as you pay less interest.

Let’s say you’re looking to borrow £12,000 with an 8%  interest APR.

With a 12-month contract, you’ll pay 12 monthly payments of £1,042 and your total amount payable will be £12,508.

So, your loan will cost you £507.

Now let’s say you opt for a 36 month contact instead.

Extending your repayment period will lower your monthly payments, but you’ll pay more interest.

As a result, your total amount payable will be £13,482. You’ll pay 36 monthly payments of £374 and the cost of your loan will be £1,482.

Benefits of a short term loan

With a short term loan, you could save hundreds of pounds in interest.

Your car is also likely to have a higher resale value at the end of a short term agreement, as all vehicles depreciate more overtime.

This could be a big advantage if you want to sell your car on at the end of the agreement or replace it with a newer model.


Disadvantages of short term loan

Whilst short term loans can save you money in the long run, a shorter repayment period is likely to increase your monthly cost.

The other disadvantage to short term loans, is they’re usually only available to individuals with a strong Credit Rating.


What's the minimum term for car finance?

Typically, car finance agreements range between 24-48 months but at Creditplus we provide 12-month loans, subject to approval.

To check your eligibility for short term car finance, simply complete our 2 minute, no-obligation Application Form.

Looking for a short term loan?

Check your eligibility for a short term loan, without affecting your credit score.

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