Vehicles We Finance

Creditplus don't just provide car finance. We can also provide finance for a wide range of different vehicles, including motorbikes, motorhomes, classic cars and vans. Our range of lenders includes several specialist providers who work with these types of vehicles.

Can't find the type of vehicle you're looking for? We may still be able to provide finance. Give one of our Customer Advisors a call on 0333 6000 290 and we'll see how we can help.

Motorbike Finance

Many people assume that we're unable to offer motorbike finance. However, we can provide finance for most types of vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds. Motorbike finance has allowed many of our customers to finance their dream motorbike and pay for it with easy monthly payments. Find out more about Motorbike Finance.

Classic Car Finance

Some of our customers prefer to own classic cars to newer models for a variety of reasons. We have a range of lenders on our panel who are happy to accept applications for classic car finance. Our team of experts will support you throughout the process to ensure you find the right classic car finance for you. Find out how we can help you finance a classic car.

Motorhome Finance

Motorhomes are a common choice for many of our customers because they tend to be expensive and it can be difficult to buy them outright. For this reason we have extended the range of vehicles we finance to include motorhomes, so you can break down the cost into affordable monthly payments. Finance a motorhome with Creditplus.

Van Finance

When running your own business, a van can be essential to your success. Spreading the cost of a new van over monthly payments can help get your business up and running. We can help you finance a new or used van, breaking down the cost into affordable monthly payments over a term of up to five years. Finance a van with Creditplus.

New Car Finance

We can provide finance for new cars, however many of our customers choose to save money by going for the nearly new option. Buying a nearly new car is a great choice for those that want the quality of a new car, but are concerned about the depreciation in value. Find out more about financing a new car or a nearly new car.

Used Car Finance

We offer finance for used cars bought privately and through dealerships. We also offer an 'armchair service' - Find, Fund & Deliver - which means that we can find the car for you, arrange the finance and have it delivered to your door. Read more on financing a used car.

Business Car Finance

We can provide finance for commercial vehicles, so if you're looking to start a new business or want to upgrade your existing vehicle, we can help. Whether you're looking to finance a car for use as a taxi, fleet hire or as a lifestyle vehicle, we can help. View some of the options available for commercial vehicles.

Got a question for us?

If you require further assistance, our team of Customer Advisors are here to help. We're open six days a week - you can view our opening hours here - and we're more than happy to answer your questions.