Car Leasing from Creditplus

Car leasing is becoming an increasing popular way to finance both new cars and used cars. While car leasing has traditionally been seen as a business finance method, consumers are now feeling more inclined to use it as a personal funding option. This is due to the numerous benefits that car leasing offers, such as lower monthly costs, the option to drive more expensive or prestigious vehicles, and the choice of ownership at the end of the agreement.

Car Leasing Products

The main type of leasing product available at Creditplus is what's known as a Contract Hire product.

Contract Hire Explained: This is a product for either personal or business customers who wish to have a car without owning it as an asset. This option is ideal for those who don't want to own a vehicle because of the depreciation risk. During the Contract Hire agreement, your payments will cover the depreciation of the vehicle based on the Guaranteed Future Value. In general, this means low monthly rental prices.

If you're looking for an alternate form of car leasing, please call one of our Customer Advisors on 0800 1777 290. They will be more than happy to discuss any form of leasing product you may be considering.

What's involved in a car leasing deal?

  • Receive a quick decision on car leasing – apply online here
  • Once you're accepted, your Customer Advisor will work with you to find the right car leasing deal for you
  • Your Advisor will help you to understand the conditions of your car leasing agreement when choosing your term length and mileage
  • We can find a car for you, or you can choose your car from a reputable dealer
  • We can arrange delivery of your vehicle
  • Ensure your vehicle is in a good condition (as directed by the terms)
  • At the end of the agreement, discuss your options with your Customer Advisor to decide whether you want to lease a new car or return the vehicle