Do Creditplus offer short term loans with car finance?

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Most of our car finance loans have a term of around 12 to 60 months. To find out whether you're eligible for a short term loan, as well as answers to other questions about short term loans, please read on.

Am I eligible for a short term car loan?

In order to be eligible for a short term car loan with Creditplus, you'll first need to fulfil all of our normal eligibility requirements. As our requirements for short term loans are far stricter, you may also need to have an Excellent credit rating. You'll also need to be able to afford the loan payments on your current income (depending on the lender you are placed with).

How is a short term car loan different to the standard car loan?

When you take out a short term loan, you can expect your monthly repayments to be higher compared to a standard car loan. This is because the total cost of your loan is divided into fewer monthly repayments.

What's the minimum loan term Creditplus offer?

Provided you satisfy all the necessary requirements for a short term loan, Creditplus have lenders who can offer a 12 month loan term.

If your questions about short term loans haven't been answered here, please use our LiveChat feature to talk to one of our Customer Advisors today.

Published: 16/05/2016
Last Updated:31/01/2019
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