Can I get motorhome finance from Creditplus?

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Yes, Creditplus can provide motorhome finance on both new and used motorhomes. As motorhomes are usually quite expensive it's likely that you'll need a Good credit rating to be accepted.

To find out more about whether you qualify for motorhome finance,we recommend you visit our Do I Qualify section. Below we have compiled two of the most popular questions around motorhome finance.

Am I able to arrange motorhome finance using Hire Purchase?

Yes, we can provide Hire Purchase for motorhomes, although the options available are slightly more limited as not all lenders offer finance for this type of vehicle.

There are no set vehicle age restrictions to qualify as our lenders are happy to fund these vehicles to customers with a Good credit history. Although there are not set vehicle restrictions, the lender will consider the make, mileage and condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase.

Dependant on your credit circumstances, the amount of finance available to you will differ, but as a general rule the maximum our customers can borrow on this type of vehicle is no more than £100,000.

As with any other Hire Purchase agreement, at the end of the finance term you will own the motorhome outright.

Does a campervan class as a motorhome?

This will depend on how the campervan is going to be used. For more information, please speak to one of our Customer Advisors on 0800 1777 290.

Should you have any additional questions which are not answered above, please get in contact either via our LiveChat function located to the right of this web page or by calling 0800 1777 290.

Published: 16/05/2016
Last Updated:12/08/2016
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