How does car leasing with Creditplus work?

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Welcome to the Car Leasing Help section of the Creditplus website. Here you'll be able to find answers to your questions about car leasing, and find out if this is the right type of car finance agreement for you.

Leasing is defined as allowing a person or business exclusive possession of another person's or business's property. This can also be defined as renting a product. When you lease a vehicle you're doing exactly that. For a more comprehensive definition of leasing, please visit our Car Finance Glossary page.

The car lease agreements that we can supply are called Lease Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and Contract Hire. To find out more about any of these products, please view our Car Finance Terms Explained page.

We’ve compiled some key information and answered the most popular queries surrounding car leasing; please read on for more information.

What is the best car to lease?

Making sure you choose the best car to lease is the key to making sure that you get the best deal from your car lease. For more advice on choosing a car to lease, read on here.


How does finance work in a car leasing agreement?

Understanding the way that the finance works on a leasing agreement can be tricky, so we’ve put it in simple terms so you know exactly what your car lease entails. To find out more about how the finance works on a leasing agreement, visit our dedicated help section.


What car leasing agreement will suit me?

We have car leasing options suitable for a range of customers, both business and personal. To find out if we have a car leasing product that is right for you, read on here.


Is it better to buy or lease a used car?

Deciding on whether to buy or lease a used car is an important decision when considering getting a new car. To find out the pros and cons of both, you can visit our help section here.

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Published: 16/05/2016
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