Do I qualify for car finance?

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A common query from new customers is "How do I check if I qualify for car finance?". We list below the considerations to take into account when applying. Please note that applying for car finance with Creditplus will not impact your credit score, so that could be your quickest way to identify if you qualify. Find out more about how we protect your credit score by reading about our Ethical Lending policy (soft search).

You can watch a how car finance works video featured on main Car Finance overview page.

Will I be accepted with my personal details?

When looking for a car loan you'll need to assess your personal information such as age, residential location and credit score to ensure you'll qualify for car finance. View the personal information requirements here to help you check if you can get car finance

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What income is needed to qualify for car finance?

When applying for car finance it's vital that you can afford to make the monthly finance repayments. Depending on your credit history you may have to prove that you have the income to be able to make the monthly payments. Check what types of income count with car finance here.

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Does the vehicle I'm looking at qualify for car finance?

Although the majority of our customers will not be limited on their choice of vehicles, there are occasions when the vehicle you choose may not qualify for car finance. Find out all the information you need about vehicles you can finance here.

In this section: Vehicle Type    Vehicle Age    Mileage Restrictions

Does my employment status allow me to qualify for car finance?

Car finance lenders want to know that you're in a stable state of employment and therefore there may be some limitations on the types of employment they accept. Find out all the employment information here.

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Published: 16/05/2016
Last Updated:31/01/2019
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