• Creditplus is a leading fintech, founded in 2004, offering car finance to UK customers.
  • Used car searches were up 26% in July compared to the previous month.
  • The top five cars searched for in July are revealed.


Creditplus delivers hundreds of cars across the country every year, and the company has analysed the cars customers searched for the most via its website. From SUVs to hatchbacks, customers searching habits were wide-ranging. These are the top five cars searched for in July.

1. Ford Kuga


This month, the Ford Kuga has taken the top spot! The large SUV with six engine options available across three fuel types has jumped 15 positions compared to the previous month, thanks to a massive 290 percent spike in searches. It looks the part, handles well, and provides a good mix of style and practicality. The handling is fast and precise, and the car feels well-planted in the corners, with no body lean or roll to be concerned about. It’s easy to see why this vehicle is so popular and been a customer favourite in July. 

2. Audi A3


The Audi A3 is one of the smartest-looking vehicles on the road, so it's no wonder that searches for it increased by 279 percent in July. It's the ideal automobile for the modern professional, with a wide range of entertainment and comfort choices, as well as excellent performance and handling. Whether you want to make a statement on the road or in the workplace car park, the Audi A3 is an excellent choice.

3. Vauxhall Corsa


The Corsa, the UK's third most popular vehicle, had a 140 percent rise in searches in July. It's enjoyable to drive as an all-arounder, and even the basic equipment is impressive. It's best suited for younger families, as are most compact hatchbacks. The amount of room in the front seats, on the other hand, will astound you.

4. BMW 1-Series


In July, searches for the BMW 1-Series increased by 120 percent on the Creditplus website. The 1-Series encapsulates many of the greatest features of its larger siblings in a smaller body. It's easy to see why this has been a customer favourite this month, given how much fun it is to drive and how luxurious the inside is.

5. Volkswagen Golf


In fifth place, the Volkswagen Golf experienced a 111 percent rise in searches. Style, utility, and performance, as well as a premium touch, make this a timeless classic. Customers will have a comfortable driving experience thanks to the interior's high quality, which has a simple dashboard and dual digital display. It's no wonder that the Golf has been popular in July as a classic.

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