• Used car searches have risen 88% in Q3.
  • Smaller cars have been favoured by consumers buying behaviours this quarter.
  • Creditplus is a leading fintech, founded in 2004, offering vehicle finance to UK drivers.

Creditplus has analysed customer search and buying behaviours throughout the third quarter of 2021. Seeing an 88% rise in searches on their online customer portal, consumers were favouring smaller, more economic, cars compared to SUVs which have been increasingly popular over recent years.


According to Creditplus, consumers have been searching for these vehicles the most:


1. Vauxhall Corsa


The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the best-selling vehicles in the United Kingdom. It offers excellent value for money and is a popular choice for young adults. The fifth generation Corsa represents a smarter, more refined, superficially classier, and more desirable prospect than the car it replaces. The Corsa saw an 120% rise in searches compared to the second quarter of 2021.

2. BMW 1 Series


The 1 Series is the entry-level model to one of the most iconic and well-known car manufacturers in existence - BMW. The hatchback body style is both sharp and practical and feels a premium overall package very much. Being a BMW, the driving experience as a whole is very impressive too. The 1 Series offers premium looks, alongside excellent driving dynamics and a premium feel. In Q3 of 2021, the 1-Series had a 91% rise in searches compared to Q2.

3. Range Rover Evoque


The Range Rover Evoque has been designed to handle off-road journeys and is capable of driving through rivers and down dirt tracks. It will also comfortably carry you around town for those less adventurous journeys. The interior is distinctly premium, with its sweeping dashboard, smart technology, and plush materials. The Range Rover Evoque saw a whopping 254% rise in searches for the model, a nice rise for it after the second quarter.

4. Ford Kuga


Q3 saw a 127% rise in searches for the Ford Kuga compared to Q2. The big SUV comes with six engine choices that run on three different types of fuel. It looks the part, rides smoothly, and offers a nice balance of flair and functionality. The vehicle handles quickly and precisely, and it feels well-planted in the bends, with no body lean or roll to worry about. It's simple to understand why this car has been such a hit with customers in July.

5. Ford Focus


The Ford Focus is one of the leading family hatchbacks on the market. It's practical, well-equipped, and great value for money. The interior is comfortable and spacious, with an expansive range of features available across each trim. There are a huge choice of petrol and diesel engines available, so you can select the right engine for your needs. As a very popular car, the Ford Focus rose 30% in searches in Q3 compared to Q2.

Whilst these are the top five vehicles’ customers have been purchasing in Q3:

1. BMW 1-Series


BMW 1 Series is great fun to drive, with sharp handling and the ability to tackle corners smoothly. Running costs are low thanks to an impressive range of fuel-efficient engines. For more power you can opt for the 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine or M140i sports car.

2. Ford Fiesta


The Fiesta is a truly fantastic all-rounder; well-equipped, economic to run and great fun to drive. Light and nimble, the Fiesta is ideal for city driving. Good grip helps to tackle tight corners and slide smoothly in and out of lanes. The interior is both stylish and practical, fitted with soft-touch plastics and a shiny black trim.

3. Volkswagen Golf


This class-leading family hatchback is among the top 3 best-selling models worldwide. The interior is exceptionally well built, in keeping with VW's usual high standards, featuring quality materials and a sweeping high-tech dashboard. There's no shortage of space either, with enough legroom and headroom for taller passengers in both the front and rear seats.

4. BMW 3-Series


Light and agile for navigating through cities, yet smooth and quiet when cruising on the motorway. The high-end interior is equally pleasing, fitted with high-quality soft-touch plastics and a multitude of driver conveniences and technologies.

5. Vauxhall Astra


The Astra is a great little family car which is well-built and highly practical. Equipped with a range of petrol engines starting from a 99bhp 1.4-litre unit, to a 197bhp 1.6-litre, and a choice of three 1.6 litre diesels, you can choose the best option to suit your lifestyle.

With some overlap on the top 5 from searches and buying, and with a few surprises in each, it’s interesting to see consumers moving towards smaller cars after the rise of SUVs. Has the pandemic affected the need for larger cars? Or are consumers just being more economical or considering the environment more?

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