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When you applying for car finance, it's important to be mindful of your credit history and current credit score as this will affect how much money you'll be able to borrow, as well as the interest that you'll have to pay. We can help by providing you with a free credit rating score.

If you need further support, please visit our Credit Clinic to gain a better understanding about what can affect your credit score.

Check Your Credit Rating

It's always useful to check your credit rating because it allows you to get an idea of the kind of interest rate you'll be paying, meaning you'll be able to factor this in to your budget. Our free Credit Rating Tool will assess you over 14 questions and provide you with a quick estimation of your credit rating.

Your credit profile holds your address history, employment details and any credit agreements you may already have had. It also keeps track of any defaults or CCJs you may have had. Your credit rating will be classed as one of following five ratings: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor or Bad.

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Once you've completed our free Credit Check Tool, should you require further information on your credit profile you can complete an application form. This application will have no impact on your credit profile and will allow us to offer you far more detailed advice.

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