David, Digital Marketing Executive



David has been with Creditplus since December 2015 and is our in-house SEO expert.

Vital Statistics

Joined: December 2015

Department: Digital Marketing

Hobbies: Music, snooker and motorbikes

Cats or dogs? Chickens!

Favourite food: Pretty much anything Indian, Mexican, Italian, British and crisps.

Tea or coffee? Coffee, preferably with a shot of whiskey.

The burning questions

What do you like most about working in marketing?

The creative people I get to work with, the banter, and the psychology behind online marketing, which I find fascinating.

What will 2018 bring?

Exciting new projects, more leads and more team nights out!

With several new products and sites being launched this year, there is so much going on. As well as a new paid advertising strategy, I'm also keen to get the Creditplus website to a competitive level, where it deserves to be. As the team lead in Digital Marketing, I am confident we have the right people this year to make some real progress and meet targets.