Our Values

From day one, our values have been built around educating our customers in an ethical way and always finding the best possible loan offers. Our values are integral to everything we do; we believe this is what sets us apart from the competition and we continue to hold these values dear, even as we grow and expand.

It's extremely important to us that we continue to follow the foundations that the business was based upon in order to do the very best by our customers at all times. Our values ensure that everything we do is built around improving customer knowledge so as they can make the most informed decisions.

Core Values

Our Core Values guide everything we do at Creditplus, with particular focus on doing the very best by and protecting our customers. Each and every Creditplus employee is led by these values, and understands the importance of upholding what they stand for. View our Core Values to discover what Creditplus was founded on and continue to deliver.

Core values

Ethical Lending policy

Our customers put their trust in us to do the right thing by them and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our Ethical Lending policy sets us apart from the competition and focuses on putting our customer's well-being as our top priority. Our Ethical Lending policy motivates us to create innovative tools to help educate our customers in making the most informed decisions during their car finance buying journey. Read more about our Ethical Lending policy and find out what it means to you.

Ethical lending policy

Customer service

Because we're an online service industry, excellent levels of communication and customer service are extremely important. Each customer is appointed a dedicated Customer Advisor to ensure they're supported throughout the process and that they always have a point of contact. Read more about our policy on excellent customer service and discover where you can find our customer reviews.

Customer service

Got a question for us?

If you require further assistance, our team of Customer Advisors are here to help. We're open six days a week - you can view our opening hours here - and we're more than happy to answer your questions.