Here at Creditplus, we have put together a selection of some of the most popular SUV’s on the market. From the luxurious Range Rover to the bargain basement Dacia Duster these are just a few of the bestselling 4×4 models available to purchase on the market.

Land Rover Range Rover


The Range Rover is without a doubt the ultimate classic luxury 4×4; it doesn’t just look fantastic, it also performs pretty well too. With its slick styling, spectacular interior, and distinctive throne-like driving position it’s hard not to fall in love with.
Providing its drivers with the best in luxury it also performs pretty well off-road with its remarkable off-road dexterity, facility to change the terrain management systems to specific driving condition and incredible power. The standard model comes complete with an impressive supercharged 3.0L V6-Cyclinder engine, however if that is not enough to impress there is the 5.0L V8-Cyclinder option available which boosts an extra 170 bhp – a 4×4 not for the light-hearted.

Fuel economy has never been a strong point with any Range Rover, however year on year improvements have been made to improve efficiency with these models.
The new 6 cylinder model now earns a 19mpg EA combined rating compared to its previous 16mpg – I hear you say, that’s not a lot – and you would be absolutely correct in your judgment! However, if you are looking for a fuel efficient 4×4 over comfort and speed then this might not be the right 4×4 for you.

Offering its customers the best of both worlds in luxury and performance the Range Rover also comes complete with suppleness and control like you have never experienced before compensating for a smoother ride – driving has never been so enjoyable.
The only downside to this incredible vehicle is its price tag – costing an impressive £71,000 new it’s not going to appeal to everyone and not to mention the painfully expensive running costs that accompany it – however if you don’t mind its sheer size, weight and cost then this vehicle is a sure delight to be behind the wheel of.

Now let’s see how this model compares with others available on the market.

Land Rover Discovery


Designed for discovering – Whatever journey lies ahead, the Land Rover Discovery has it covered. This vehicle is built primarily with adventure in the fore-front of the mind and no expedition is too big for this more than capable handsome machine.

The Land Rover Discovery’s capability off-road is enhanced with technologies such as gradient acceleration control which helps with off-roading. It hosts an impressive 7 seater cabin, complete with ultimate comfort, masses of space and support.

The high driving position allows for easy visibility and offers a great feeling of safety too.
With the Land Rover Discovery celebrating its 25th year of production, a stop/start engine has been fitted to the 3.0 V6-Turbodiesel engines taking the emissions from 230g/km to 213g/km of co2, they also come with an 8 speed automatic gearbox and 442lb of torque from 2000rpm – a 4×4 that you can rely on to do the job.
Now for the cons – the Discovery is by no means the cheapest 4×4 you can purchase, and it still holds an impressive price tag of £38,850 and that’s only the basic model, however value for money you’ll find it hard to beat.

Dacia Duster


If you’re looking for a 4×4 at a bargain basement price – look no further than the Dacia Duster with prices starting from £11,495 for the 1.6 16v 105 access 4wd, 5dr it is at complete opposite ends of the spectrum to the Land Rovers, the Dacia with its rugged exterior, staggering low entry price and impressive engine has proved to be quite a success in the UK car market. The Dacia is robustly built and comes equipped with a 1.6 litre Nissan four-wheel-drive petrol engine under the bonnet.

There are several draw-backs to purchasing a cheaper 4×4 though; the Dacia comes with a low NCAP safety rating, and it’s not the most comfy of vehicles to ride in, the handling has also been noted as fairly disappointing and slow to respond to inputs.
However having said this it is cheap to run, and whilst the interior is not the most comfortable in the world it is still pleasant, the Dacia is particularly spacious and offers a decent size boot. There are no fancy gimmicks like under floor storage, its just pure storage space should you require it.

Hyundai Santa Fe


The 4×4 that moved Hyundai to another level – The bold, luxurious and refined Hyundai Santa FE was voted the best large SUV in 2013 by Auto Express. With the latest advances in technology, capable space, and exquisite comfort it is no wonder it is one of the best family SUVs on the roads today.

The Santa Fe was designed and built with quality and safety in mind and it offers just that – The bold chrome grill, and black trim adds class to this stylish and luxurious design and it was voted NCAP safest car in 2012.

As standard the Hyundai Santa Fe comes with 5 seats and a 585 litre boot costing around £25,850 – but the option to have a further 2 seats is available. All models are fitted with a 6-speed automatic transmission which runs smoothly and supports good fuel economy.

Fiat Panda 4×4


With over 6.5 million sales since it first arrived in the Country in 1983 – the Fist Panda 4×4 has proven to be a real success with its customers. I know what you are all thinking.
Fitting a 4×4 engine into a compact supermini car isn’t the smartest idea that Fiat have ever come up with but you shouldn’t be put off as this car is a right little gem.

For just £11,145 the Fist Panda comes with an impressive four wheel-drive transmission, special 15” inch alloy wheels and specialist mud and snow tyres for all weather conditions. It has a decent sized 225 litre boot, offering plenty of storage room and the practically to be used as a family car.

Up against its rival the Dacia Duster, the Fiat scores better when it comes to safety, the Dacia only scored a measly 3 out 5 stars whereas the Fiat Panda scored a respectable 4 out of 5 which makes it’s a more attractive choice, for those who have safety as a priority.

Thanks to its small size and lightweight body it means its pretty fuel efficient too with the petrol twin air engine returning 57.6 mpg whilst the diesel multijet manages 60.1 mpg.

4 by 4s are becoming more popular by the day in the UK, so much in fact that there is now an extensive range of models available – nearly every manufacturer has a 4×4 in their product range. With technology advancing it has meant that more efficient engines can be produced which has led to an increase in demand in 4x4s as they are not deemed so expensive to run.

Off-roading used to be the main reason for someone owning an SUV, however these days they are more often used as lifestyle vehicles. Whatever your circumstances make sure you choose the right vehicle for you and with the excellent range available the choice couldn’t be easier.

If looking at this list of 4×4’s has got you in the mood to change your car, then we can help! Apply for car finance today and we can help you to find the perfect SUV to suit your circumstances.