Want something small, sexy and quick off the mark? Well here is our definitive, to the point guide on the top small coupés on the market. Aren’t they pretty?

Hyundai Veloster


This car is a deceptively family friendly. It’s single rear door give more room for kids to clamber into the back, and the door is located on the pavement side- so your kids won’t be stepping out into the path of oncoming trucks: be in no doubt, this is an expensive but admirable addition from Hyundai.

The Veloster has lots of cubbies to stop your stuff rolling around in the cabin and the interior has a modern, sporty look, and a rather futuristic looking dashboard. It’s got all the lovely extras such as voice activated Bluetooth and a coloured touch screen. So what’s it like to drive? This little Hyundai will impress you with it’s agile chassis, accurate steering and minimal body roll. It’s got very good visibility for a small coupé with large wing mirrors and substantial glass area at the back, adding to it’s sporty look. The down sides? It’s currently only available in a 1.6, although the turbo version on its way. Oh, and it comes with a 5 yr warranty- bonus!

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Toyota GT86


Toyotas might not be the first car that comes to mind when you think of fun cars to drive. In comes the GT86. Both the Supra and Celica were sold up to the mid 2000’s- nice, sporty machines which Toyota seemed to have forgotten about until the GT86. Built in conjunction with Subaru, who also sell the car as the BRZ.

This front-engined, rear wheeled drive sports car has tyres that let go a little earlier, so you don’t have to be going really fast to feel playful. It’s well balanced when you turn off the stability control you can really start to have a bit of fun and the chassis handles incredibly well. Inside, its low seating make you feel like you’re in a sports car and it’s dash only adds to it’s sportiness. The GT86 also comes with a decent amount of kit such as dual-zone climate control, Bluetooth as standard, and as a little bonus you can plug your iphone directly into the stereo. It’s a ‘have your cake and eat it’ type of car with good old fashioned sports car thrills, and this is why it grabs 4th place in our battle of the small coupés.

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Peugeot RCZ


The Peugeot RCZ deserves a 10/10 for style alone, with a roof that looks like a piece of modern art. Although there is substance here as well as style. It is quite roomy for a small car with a surprisingly spacious boot.

In the cabin, prepare to be surprised by a dashboard that can put sports car dashes to shame. The 200hp model has revised suspension for better handling capability. It boasts accurate steering for swift, enjoyable progress along a winding road. The RCZ is well equipped for long distances with comfy cabin. Good visibility out the back is beneficial, although the big A pillars at front are a little obstructive. The 2.0-litre diesel will offer 163bhp, and return an average of 53.2mpg and emits 137g/km of CO2, making it an excellent economy buy. Overall though, this Peugeot is pretty unbeatable in terms of it’s combination of price and looks.

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Audi TT


The Audi TT has always been one of the most sought after small premium coupés on the market. There is just something Audi have done to make it so desirable, although it’s probably a combination of all of the following. The cabin is finished in brushed aluminium, giving it that quality feel that you’d expect from an Audi.

It comes with optional 18 inch alloys and leather seats, and the multi-function steering wheel comes as standard, which will only add to the luxury experience. It packs a punch despite it’s relatively small engine and the 2-Litre FSI petrol model achieves a 0-60 time of 6.1 seconds and 43 mpg- pretty impressive! It’s effortless to drive, the steering is precise and accurate. The TT is also a lot of fun to drive fast, but doesn’t lose any points for comfort when driving at more sedate speeds. The down side? You have to be able to afford one. They are on the priceier end of the list, particularly if you want a good spec, but a great choice for a sports coupe that delivers in terms of fuel economy, performance, driving pleasure and a premium look.

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Volkswagen Scirocco


Distinctly sexier than the average VW, the Scirocco steals the spotlight and wins the battle of the small coupés. Expect the usual VW solidity with a surprising 312-litre capacity boot with generous room in the back row for a coupé.

In the cabin, the controls are dampened giving a really luxury feel and has the sought after flat bottom steering wheel to make you feel like you’re in a race car. All but entry level models come with adaptive chassis control and it uses computer controlled dampers that continuously adjust depending on the road surface and your driving style to provide best balance of comfort and handling. Then Scirocco has grippy and predictable handling, but lightweight at the same time, plenty of steering feel and a stability control system. Finally, and surprisingly the 2-litre model Scirocco is actually cheaper than the Golf GTI, making it a car that gives you an awful lot of quality and style for your money, plus it’s lower and wider than the golf- but basically better. Also this may have been a little bias on my part that this took the top spot, I mean, just look at it!  Find used Volkswagen’s for sale here.

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