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What is your monthly budget?

Thinking of getting a car loan? Use our car finance calculator to work out your monthly repayments for any loan based on the car price, interest rates, loan length and whether you have a deposit available. Compare and find the best loan available for your budget. You can recalculate your car loan by changing a value on the tool, and our car finance calculator will automatically update your repayments and show you the eventual total amount payable! ††

Use the sliders on the right of our car finance calculator to change the values in the boxes on the left hand side to match your circumstances. You will be able to see your total amount payable, monthly repayment rate and your interest rate change in the bottom box as you move the sliders until you get the car loan that suits you best.

Don’t know what your credit rating is? Visit our Free Credit Check Tool for more information.

Car Finance Calculator
The price of the car I want is
I want to finance it over
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Total Amount Repayable
Total cost of Credit
Monthly Repayments
Representative Example:
Fair Credit
Borrowing £7,500 on a hire purchase agreement over 48 months, a representative APR of 18.5% and a deposit of £0.00, the amount repayable would be £216.89 a month, with a total cost of credit of £2910.72 and a total amount payable of £10410.72.

†† Disclaimer: Quotes generated by this 'Car Finance Calculator' are powered by the finance settings chosen by the user. All the quotes are based on prime interest rates, and are subject to change. In addition the quotes do not take into account any customer information or circumstances which can affect an individuals chance of getting finance for a vehicle. The figures provided by the Car Finance Calculator are quotes and do not represent an acceptance for a loan of any kind. As the quotes are subject to a users personal circumstances and lender requirements, full confirmation on the price to be paid (including all related lender fees) will be detailed in the lenders customer documentation pack

Car finance affordability

If you are unsure about how much you can afford to pay back each month then why not check out our blog on setting a budget? You could also try out our loan affordability calculator to see how much you might want to spend on monthly repayments.

The minimum value of the car we can fund for you is £3,000. If you are thinking about a car of this value because you are worried about your budget, then it might be worth talking to one of our customer advisors. You might be able to get a better quality and more reliable vehicle whilst still keeping your monthly repayments affordable. 

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