The stunning Jaguar XF

Best car finance deal of the month – where we put one of our best-selling cars in the spotlight. This month we look at the Jaguar XF Saloon. We approved a number of finance applications for this model in the last month. Here’s a comprehensive review of why the car has been so popular.


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Available from £29,945, the Jaguar XF is an affordable luxury saloon car, ideal for those looking for the prestige that comes with the Jaguar name. 57.7 miles per gallon is not a bad fuel economy for a luxury saloon, and its 129 CO2 g/km means road tax is not too high at £110 for the year. The 2 litre engine is ideal for those more cost conscious.

“For a 3 litre engine the diesel engine is considerably frugal on long journeys, but in town the later model with the 2 litre engine would be a more sensible option for the cost concious.”

John, customer car review, March 2013


You’ll want to get a car like this serviced regularly, so it might be worth contacting your local Jaguar dealer to see how much a regular check-up will cost.


Customers have praised the car for its engine performance, in particular the option of different driving modes. The variety of performance buttons all add up to make the XF a dream to drive. Should you choose the automatic version, the gearbox is highly praised for being effortlessly smooth. Whilst a smaller engine than some of the other options, it still feels strong enough. Acceleration isn’t quite up there with the big boys, but this is a saloon car and will give plenty of oomph on the motorway.

“The automatic gearbox works great and is very smooth. When you put it into sport mode the car becomes a different motor, with higher gear changes and it just feels a lot faster.”

MedicH customer car review, March 2014




Tested in 2011 by Euro NCAP, the car received a 4 out of 5 star rating. One thing that stands out is how well the car rated for child safety, something that might be of particular note to those with a family.

The XF comes with a combination of standard and optional safety features. Seatbelt reminder system for both driver and front passenger is fitted in all cars, and there is a driver set speed limiter should you want to help control your speed. The Adaptive Front Lighting option adapts to the road, reacting to the car’s speed and steering. Cornering lights help illuminate areas to the side of the car, and the high beam function adjusts between low and high angle in line with oncoming traffic. The addition of Adaptive Cruise Control also helps keep a safe distance from cars in front, ideal for long motorway journeys. Blind spot monitoring will warn you of any danger when moving off or changing lanes. Bluetooth connectivity means that your phone won’t be a distraction.


The Jaguar name has a certain association with luxury and prestige, and the XF is no different. Full leather seats give the interior a glove-soft feel. Electronically adjustable seats allow you to mould the car into the right set-up for you. The driver seats also come with memory ability to keep the seat in a comfortable position, with two settings for you and your partner. Touch screen climate control allows you to choose the exact temperature and humidity to make driving a pleasure. Odour filtration removes the noxious road fumes that can seep inside.

The touch-screen control can also be used to see what artist and track is playing, with iPod and MP3 compatability as standard. When the car is stationary, you can even watch digital television on the screen. Built in navigation means you don’t have to worry about any budget GPS losing its charge or falling out of its holder.

“Internally the driver’s seating position and controls are just where they should be and fit like a glove. The ambient lighting and unfussy layout gives a thoroughly modern feel.”

-John, customer car review, March 2014.

Final Statement

The Jaguar XF is a fantastic and affordable car with the added bonus of bearing an iconic badge. Providing excellent performance, with impressive safety features and luxurious interior, the XF is a genuine alternative to the more popular BMW 3 Series.


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