Welcome to the best car videos of the week, a roundup of what went viral in the car world this week, as well as some classics from the past. We have the latest Hoonigan video, some fantastic classic record breaking attempts, and a dog that sounds like a diesel engine.

Gymkhana Seven

This week the internet exploded when Ken Block released his latest Gymkhana video. Once again, it is an incredible piece, Block driving his modified 1965 Ford Mustang around Los Angeles. Epic.

The XCAR Team respond…

Not one to be out done, UK car video gods the XCAR team have teased the release of their response video – Office Gymkhana. Can’t wait until Monday to see the full vid.

Record Breaker One

Over in China, driver Han Yue took a break from the China Drift Championship to attempt the world record for tightest parallel park. Could do with his skills next time I’m looking for parking down the high street.

Record Breaker Two

Back here in Britain, the guys over at JCB must have been bored with building their standard heavy machinery. And so they have souped up a digger to try and beat the landspeed record. How fast can it go? Find out.

Classic Senna

Ahead of the big race this weekend, we took a look back at some last race of the season crashes, where drivers have deliberately took out an opponent to secure victory. Have a look at our blog to see if Hamilton should do the same. In the meantime, check out video of Senna taking the title into his own hands back in 1990.

And finally…

A dog that sounds like a diesel engine. Enough said.

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