It’s time for the best car videos of the week. The best viral videos, car adverts and stunt films from around the web collected into one handy place. This week we have some fantastic F1, we mourn the departure of Clarkson, and show some intense action from the World Rally Championship.

The end of Clarkson, the end of Top Gear?

The decision on Clarkson’s future with the BBC was finally made this week, signalling the end of Clarkson and Top Gear. We’ve digged through the youtube archives and found one of Clarkson’s first appearances in Top Gear, all the way back in 1989.

Toyota have paid their own respects to Clarkson, probably in gratitude for the publicity their attempted destruction of the Toyota Hilux gave the company. Its a fun little video tribute and shows some of the reasons why Clarkson is so popular.

Who will replace him?

So who will replace Clarkson? In truth, replace is the wrong word, as no one can match Clarkson’s distinct style. Instead, we’ll take a look at two of the favourites to take his place at Top Gear.

First up, Guy Martin has made a name for himself with recent documentaries on Channel 4. His motorbike pedigree certainly gives him a different edge to the other presenters. Here he is riding like a madman around the Isle of Man.

Another popular choice with the bookies is Jodie Kidd, supermodel and petrol head. Having a female presenter would certainly be an excellent change for the show. Here she is in the “Star in a reasonably priced car” segment and also racing the former Stig.

World Rally Championship

We love the WRC here at Creditplus, and so have written up a fantastic beginner’s guide to the off road madness. To help get you in the mood, watch some of the best bits from WRC 2014.

And finally…

We always like to finish with a bit of advertising weirdness. Today is no exception…

That’s it for this week’s roundup.

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