Car storage solutions to make the most of the space you have.

I do love a storage solution and you can regularly find me on Pinterest collating clever storage solutions for the home, some I have even implemented! Something dawned on me this morning, I don’t have any storage solutions for my car.   I need some too as I drive a small Toyota Aygo.  So this morning I have considered my car storage problems and have found the storage solutions to solve them.

Read on to discover my storage scenarios and learn more about how to be the boss of car storage solutions. If you have any additional car storage solution tips, then I would love to hear about them.

Oh no that’s not de-icer that’s my air freshener!

So today wasn’t the greatest morning, left early for work, car was icy, reached for de-icer and accidently sprayed the back window of my car with Lavender Air Freshener! So I decided what I need this year from Santa is a car boot organiser and I think I have found the best car boot organiser ever!  I really am quite excited as I do love a storage solution; the supermarket material shopping bag, with sticky remains of window wash inside just isn’t making the cut.  The below Halfords Boot Tidy has had excellent reviews including this one from VWfan ‘fantastic creation’, and I have to say I whole heartedly agree, loving the side storage pockets and divided sections:


Halfords Review: “A well thought out and designed necessity for any car boot. Very practical and easy to use. Well priced, I haven’t regretted investing in this fantastic creation.”

Utility tray too full, packet of tissue ends up near clutch, nooo!


Please don’t tell my mother (I am over 30, closer to 40 too), but I regularly find packet of tissues, cans of body spray, and sunglasses on the floor near my pedals.  One reason for this; over filling my car utility tray. Does anyone else do this?  In order to solve my problem, I need to start taking things like phone cords, phones, makeup out of my utility tray and back in my handbag. However after getting a toddler to Nursery and rushing into work and then out of work for the pick up, there is not enough time to organise my car clutter.   What I need is a compartment cup to fit in my cup holder. I searched for a storage devise that fits in a cup holder and I have deduced that there is a gap in the market.  Found a few that you hang off your car vent, but I don’t much like that idea. Even Lakeland Plastics don’t have an option for me to tidy up my car clutter (apart from an over gearstick Car Bin).  The problem with the top cup holder organiser (see image below) is that it looks a little clunky, plus you have to slide to store. The second option is much better, conically shaped to fit most cup holders and it even has an access port for phone charging. I want one of these for Christmas too; however I can’t find anyone in UK selling them. Maybe I will get myself a sewing machine for Christmas and start my own Etsy shop, selling this ingenious storage device (bottom picture).

Dude where did I put my sandwich?


How many of us in the UK have packed up a picnic and a blanket for a drive to the country, to then arrive at our scenic destination, try to eat outside and retreat back to the car to admire the view as it is a “bit too windy”.   If this is you, then you may need to pack one more thing: the lightweight car tray, making it easier to eat your picnic while in the car.  If you Google, ‘Car Multi Tray’ you will get a variety of options from £2 to £12 including large trays that will fit a laptop or help stand up your tablet, to small trays that attach to the back of seats to hold drinks.

What’s that thud noise coming from the boot?


You are driving to work on a Monday morning and every time you drive round a corner, you hear a thud noise in your boot. What is that noise? You get to work, don’t check the boot and listen to it once more on your drive home. Now it has become annoying. To reduce the after weekend boot thuds, of buckets and spades, Frisbees and footballs being thrown around the boot, then you may want to purchase a car cargo net that attaches to the headrest posts. Measure your boot and then look for ideal size of net for your car. We Googled Cargo net and noticed that Tesco’s have a small one for £8, so it’s worth a try.


If this is too much effort for you and it is for me to be honest, then what about this ingenious invention from Stayhold, it does exactly what it says on the box; it keeps the items in your boot in one place. Really handy piece of kit and the reviews say it very simple to use. The dividers stick firmly to the boot with Velcro and there are additional utility straps, useful for holding your leaky flask up.  I really like the idea to partition off parts of the boot for car products, outdoor toys, shopping. You could win a Stayhold kit this week if you open day 10 of our advent Calendar, you can enter up to midnight on the 11th of December. Read more about how to enter the competition and find out more about Stayhold here.

How to be a pro at storage solutions in the car


Here are a few more storage devices I have found to help you to be a car storage professional.

  • Left jacket at home, it’s raining, where is my brolly!  Never twist your arm trying to get the umbrella from underneath your car seat again.  Buy a Car Brolly bag.
  • Be the boss of your car and look like a true navigator with the car visor storage band for a handy pen and driving licence, phone, coupons and cards or a dozen CDs.
  • Clear up your toddlers/kids clutter with a back seat organiser which secure to the back of the front seats. It will also protect the back of the seat if your child likes to press their muddy boots on the back seat when in a car seat. This particular back seat organiser is from Lindam and features on the website.
  • And if you really want to rock the tidy car look, steal this genius idea of using a plastic cereal container as a car bin.  I am sooooo doing that!

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