Over the years, car manufacturers have produced some of the most effective advertising campaigns out there. Heavily relying upon humour to push their products onto the mass markets, many of them manage to stand the test of time, embedded in our unconscious memory.

If an advertising campaign is successful, it has the power to persuade the consumer to purchase the model that is being promoted. It is key that car advertisements are creative and impactful in order to succeed in the crowded market.
Over the years there have been some outstanding examples in the automotive world; from the amusing to the intellectual. Whether these adverts motivated you to buy the latest model or simply put a smile on your face, we can all appreciate the creativity behind the promotion. Here’s a look at some of our favourite TV advertisements from the automotive industry.

Peugeot 206 – The Sculptor

First on our list of memorable car advertisements is this comic classic. The advert features a man in India trying to sculpt his current car into the shape of a desired Peugeot 206. During the hustle and bustle of the town/city, the sculptor is seen working away, using any means possible, including an elephant, to make his dream a reality.

Skoda – Full of lovely stuff

Skoda first aired this musically driven advert back in 2007, and you would probably be lying if you said you didn’t find yourself singing along to the feel-good ad. In the advert, a dedicated team of bakers are hard at work making a car out of cake, and the final result is awesome! To top it off the background music is the classic tune My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music.

Honda Accord – The Cog

Perhaps the most iconic car advertisement, and being a true pioneer in viral marketing, the cog advert to hook TV viewers onto their screens. Its extreme precision and detailing leaves viewers watching all the various car parts on their domino effect journey, and yearning to find out the result of the rolling cog. However, interestingly, the full-length advert was only ever broadcast on the TV 10 times due to the costly airtime fee. That makes the impact of this ad even more impressive!

Jaguar – British Villains

This advertisement, promoting the Jaguar F-Type Coupe, plays on the British heritage of Jaguar and the stereotypical ‘British villain’. The advert includes three mainstream British actors Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston playing explaining why the British make the best villains, in a theatrical and dramatic manner. However, the twist is that they are also describing the qualities of the Jaguar, being ‘precise’ and ‘one step ahead’. Visually appealing with a sense of power and grandiosity, this advert certainly roars into our list of top car advertisements!

Renault Megane – I See You Baby

To promote the Renault Megane, Renault put out a rather cheeky advert which certainly got them noticed. The advert shows people going about their day to day life, however it focuses on their various derrieres to the funky Groove Armada song ‘I See You Baby’. The emphasis on the buttocks is in celebration of the uniquely shaped rear-end. The earworm song and amusingly provocative visuals created an extremely memorable ad.

Citroen C4 – Transformer

Before the world was treated to the epic blockbuster franchise of alien transforming cars locked in fierce battle on the big screen, Citroen treated TV viewers to their very own transformer. The 2005 ad features a Citroen C4 transforming into a giant robot, in preparation for something rather epic. Yes, before you know it, our C4 robot friend bursts into a funky dance routine that could put any mover and shaker to shame. With the slogan, alive with technology, this innovative ad certainly used technology to grab the attention of TV audiences.

However, this transforming treat was brought to us again, repackaged as not only a dancing robot car, now the C4 transformer could ice skate:

Feeling inspired?

Have any of these magnificent car advertisements managed to persuade you to buy one of their models? Or even got you thinking about the kind of car you wish to purchase next?

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