The Superbowl took place last night with the New England Patriots narrowly beating the Seattle Seahawks 28 points to 24. An exciting match for NFL fans. For us petrolheads, we might be forgiven for being more interested in the adverts. At $4.5 million dollars per slot, competition was tough to stand out from the crowd. Here are our favourite car ads from last night’s sporting showpiece.

FIAT – “The FIAT Blue Pill”

At the other end of the emotional spectrum, FIAT went for our funny bones with this fun advert about some unfortunate man losing his little blue pill.

Kia Sorento – “The Perfect Getaway”

Mocking his image as an action man, Pierce Brosnan has fun in this advert for Kia.

Toyota Camry – “How Great I Am”

A stirring advert from Toyota, putting forward a disabled actress and showing how awesome she is. Bold and daring.

Furious 7 TV Spot

Aside from the adverts, there was also the latest trailer for the next Fast and Furious film. The Rock + Gatling Gun = Amazing.

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