It’s that time of the month again when we release a whole new set of car finance facts – keep up to date with what cars are selling, how the industry as a whole is doing, and lots of other finance facts from the month of April.

We’ve been doing our finance facts feature for a while now, so if you’re interested in the information from earlier months, simply click the links below!

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BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series was the most popular financed car for the month of April, knocking Vauxhall off the top of the leader board.


New car registrations rose 8.2% in April  to 176,820 units, the 26th consecutive month of growth.*


On average, our customers were 36 years old - 1 year younger than in March


The average amount we loaned to our customers in April was £12,001.85.


For the 9th consecutive month - Black was by far the most popular colour choice.


This was the average amount that our customers put down as a deposit for their car finance in April.


The average loan term was 52 months.


89% of the vehicles financed for the month of April were manual. 


 318 pure electric vehicles have been sold in April 2014, that's a 189.1% increase on last year.*

*Source: SMMT

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