It’s another Car Finance Facts blog post! Check out what exciting car we financed, and how new car sales are performing in the market as a whole.


We’ve been doing our finance facts feature for a while now, so if you’re interested in the information from earlier months, simply click the links below!

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March is typically the biggest month for buying cars, and this year saw new car sales at their highest since 2004. Here at Creditplus

Vauxhall Astra

We financed more Vauxhall Astra's in March than any other car, knocking Vauxhall's Insignia off to top spot.

Caterham Seven

In March we arranged finance for a Caterham Seven.


On average, our customers were 37 years old this month - 1 year younger than in February!


The average amount we loaned to our customers in March was £11,270.32.


Once again, black was by far the most popular car colour in March, with Silver coming in second and Grey in third.


This was the average amount that our customers put down as a deposit for their car finance in March.


Fuel duty was frozen by the chancellor in the budget this March, meaning the cost of fuel will not rise until it is next reviewed.


New car sales peaked at their highest since 2004 in March, with 464,824 cars being bought.


The rise in new car sales from February to March was an impressive 17.7%

*Source: Auto Retail

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