As many of you will know at this point, BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans, has signed a three year contract to present Top Gear. If you are one of the few who this is news to, well at least now you know. Also for anyone who’s been living under a rock for the last few months this comes as a result of much loved host Jeremy Clarkson getting the axe for punching a producer.

Evans was widely rumoured to be taking the spot a few months ago but outright denied it, in fact he went as far to say he absolutely was not even considering it. It turns out this was a bit of a fib, he commented on the previous denials, saying “Whenever I said ‘I categorically rule myself out of running for office’, it was because I didn’t want to be a pawn in a chess game involving three of my friends.” I guess at least he was doing it for the right reasons, Evans considers all of the Top Gear hosts, particularly Clarkson his friends and it looks like he just didn’t want to tread on their toes whilst they were going through the mess that this whole process has been.

The most recent news to come out of this situation, and arguably the most interesting, is that Evans will be holding auditions for a presenters spot on the most popular television show on the planet. When he says he is holding auditions for the role, he really means it, the spot isn’t just restricted to famous people, Joe Public has equally as much chance as anyone else! A lot of people just got very excited. Although the full application process has not yet been revealed he has stated what will be required. Hopefuls will need to record a 30 second clip of themselves, the subject can be anything car related but they must show what their relationship to cars is and must show serious enthusiasm. He went on to say that the clips must be no longer than 30 seconds long otherwise they won’t even watch them. It goes without saying that applicants will need to have serious car knowledge but Evans stated applicants “Must know at least as much as me, preferably more than me, about cars.”

The rumour mill has been circulating that Top Gear will have a female presenter and for once it seems the rumours are true. Evans commented whether a female presenter was an actual reality, saying “Yes, I can confirm that. Definitely. 100 per cent.” This is a very interesting development, it had been speculated that Suzi Perry or Jodie Kidd were in the running for a spot and it looks like that could be a very real possibility. The front runner currently is Jodi Kidd, having already appeared on the show as a guest and demonstrated her enthusiasm for car and her skill in driving one by scoring fastest time around the track in the popular ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’. Kidd also presented a classic car show on Channel 5, so we know she has presenting experience. Suzi Perry is also heavily involved with cars, currently presenting Formula 1, which is why trails behind Kidd on the favourites list, she would be unable to present for half the year due to F1 commitments. Vicki Butler-Henderson is also rumoured to be being considered for the spot, presenter on the lesser known motoring show ‘Fifth Gear’.

For now all we can do is wait and see who will be at Chris Evans’ side presenting our beloved Top gear. One thing is sure though, they better pick carefully because they have some very, very large shoes to fill.

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