Ho ho ho - the festive season is upon us!

Unless you've been living under a rock, we can bet you've already seen approximately 8,982 Christmas adverts (each time followed by a lengthy debate about which is the best this year), heard Mariah Carey on the radio around 512 times and eaten roughly 85 mince pies - well, it is Christmas, you shrug breezily, as you wash them down with a cheeky Baileys.

If you're really organised, you might have even started your Christmas shopping or, dare we say, finished it. If you have, keep it to yourself please. No one likes a Smug Susan.

The real question is, have you made it onto Santa's nice list this year?  

He sees you when you're driving, he knows when you're - wait, that's not right...

...but we think it should be. So, for the purpose of this quiz, let's pretend Santa chooses people for the naughty and nice lists based on their driving habits. Because, let's face it, he probably should.


Earn some points with Papa Noel!

The festive season is about giving as well as receiving, so why not treat that special car lover in your life to something from our Christmas gift guide

For advice on staying safe this winter, check out our car maintenance tips.

Why not ask Santa for something special this Christmas?

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