More news from the Paris Motor Show and it’s Citroen making waves this time. Amongst all the super cars and flashy new concepts there is still room for just great design and Citroen have really pulled it out the bag with their new C4 Cactus Airflow 2L!


We already featured the original C4 Cactus last month and we actually love it. It’s an affordable, practical, family hatch back, crossover that looks quirky and like nothing else around at the moment. Some do not like the Airbump door trim but we think that is part of the charm, not only that but it means you can really customise the way your car looks by choosing the colour and there is a huge amount of colours to choose from for this car. Customisation, we think, is something that is missing from the current car market but the Cactus is leading the charge.


Enough about the old Cactus, we are here to discuss the new one and we think they have scored another home run with this one. The overall formula and shape hasn’t changed much but the new design features and tweaks on this new model are what sets it apart. It actually looks like a car straight out of a Sci-Fi cartoon, which we love! It has a very bold look and you certainly wouldn’t miss it going past you on the street that’s for sure. Those wheels for example look great with the simple orange highlights.


The new Cactus Airflow 2L still features the distinctive AirBump side panels of course, they are designed to absorb any of little bumps or scrapes you might collect on your daily adventures. This will save users significant amounts of money on repairs and maintenance as they only have to replace the plastic panel instead of a whole metal door. Plus they look great, especially with that  little orange highlight making an appearance again.


The Airflow 2L has another major difference to the standard Cactus, the new propulsion system. The Cactus 2L Airflow uses a Hybrid Air powertrain, comprised of a three-cylinder PureTech petrol engine and a compressed air storage unit. The driver will have three power options to use, the first being ‘air power’ which is where the compressed air motor powers the car, second being the petrol option which is self explanatory and the third is a combination of both. This means the Cactus will do a huge 141 mpg!  It is a very interesting development in the automotive industry and we are keen to see how it works in the real world.


It’s great to see companies being progressive both in engineering as well as design. This is why we love the Paris Motor Show, it not only showcases gorgeous super cars and expensive luxury models but we get to see the latest innovations for every day cars.

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