Every month at Creditplus we like to do a profile on a motoring community on our blog, just to show our appreciation and try and get our readers involved in something we think is very special.

Last month it was Petrolicous,  this month we have chosen XCAR to take a look at, one of our favourite car video producers on the web. The XCAR team, based in the UK, is just three men strong but they are three guys who have a whole lot of passion for all things car. Their Twitter biography really sums the whole project up very nicely.

“We love cars. If you do too, follow us on our automotive adventures, driving the coolest wheels.”

‘Automotive adventures’ really is the best phrase for what they do, their videos are so beautifully shot and expertly crafted that when you watch them you feel like you are taking part in that adventure. The editing is superb and their videos contain some of the most beautiful music that really serves to make the viewing experience that little bit more special.

Just take a look at this video of the amazing Pagani Huayra, this has to be one of the best car reviews on YouTube, not to mention one of the prettiest!

We certainly agree with the last part of their statement too, they really do drive some of the newest and coolest cars around! With access to some of the latest supercars, sports cars, luxury vehicles, racers and even some gorgeous vintage cars they keep us entertained for hours at a time. It is not just cars they cover though, XCar also keep up to date with the latest technology and developments in the automotive world. XCARS editor Alex Goy spoke about how lucky he feels to be part of this project, “It’s a privilege to have the freedom to play with some fantastic cars. I’m a lucky boy” The three guys, Alex Goy, Nick Wilkinson and Drew Stearne, clearly love what they do and that really shows in their videos and their whole attitude toward them, “Our goal is to tell great stories. We want to make films that everyone can appreciate – whether they’re car people or not”. It all boils down to exactly what their Logo says, For The Love Of Cars, and it is obvious that they really stick to this whole ethos and we love it. Why not take a look at some of the other communities we have profiled in the past few months, also feel free to many any suggestions for communities you think we should do in the future. Community Profile – Petrolicious Community Profile – Piston heads Community Profile – Car Throttle Community Profile – Motortrade Book

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