We regularly profile a car community on our blog, last time we profiled the Social Network for Automotive professionals Motor Trade book

In this post we summarised that if you are a professional in the automotive industry then Motor Tradebook is definitely one to get involved in, due to the opportunity to connect with likeminded people.

This month we are profiling the Motorhappy Community. This community connects you with the UK motor trade by bringing you the best in leasing, mobility and servicing, not to mention the low-down on some of the hottest deals around, all at the click of your fingertips.

Motorhappy is the ultimate hub to find all local motoring services and enjoy news and reviews courtesy of John W Curtis. John has spent many years building a network of manufacturers, suppliers and infrastructure suppliers to enable him to offer free honest advice, guidance and views on a diversity of matters.

In terms of social networking against the major players such as Facebook and Linkedin It is small – there is no doubt about that, however in terms of success and room for expansion this niche community is showing fantastic potential making it the perfect community for companies and dealers to promote their products and services to the general public.

Motorhappy is a great resource for the team here at Creditplus, we use it to gain knowledge of others in the industry who are sharing topics of interest to us. We believe motorhappy is the perfect place for making some great connections in the industry and with regular retweets from the motorhappy community, we feel like we have their support.

To get involved and support the UK Motor Trade, jump on board and start using the #motorhour hastag on Twitter between 9pm and 10pm to engage in interesting topical car discussions hosted by motoring experts.

Some of the key players in the motorhappy craze include:

Co-Founder of motorhappy, Adam Hicks at Motormonster – https://twitter.com/MotorMonstercom
Wendy at the Warranty Company – https://twitter.com/Thewarrantyco
John W Curtis at johnwcurtis.co.uk – https://twitter.com/johnwcurtis

Don’t forget to check out brand new ‘Wheeler Dealers’ launching on Monday 17th March at 9pm using the hastag #Wheeler Dealers.

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