Creditplus Dream Team

Part two of the Creditplus Dream Team. This time we look at the midfield. Which cars have made their way into our team?

Creditplus Dream Team – Part Two: Midfield

Now the defence has been sorted (click here to see our choices), its time to take a look at the midfield. We’ve gone for two wingers, a defensive midfielder and an attacking mid. Yes, its the classic 4-4-2 formation. It may be out of fashion, but for our team of car footballers, its the ideal set-up.


Position:Left Midfielder
Car: Audi R8
Why?: After their World Cup success, we had to get a German car in the team. And we’ve gone for the Audi R8. Not only is it a popular choice amongst footballers, its a top quality sports car. Defence is not in this winger’s vocabulary, it is all about attacking those corners, zipping in behind the defensive line. 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds means that this car will be in top gear before you have time to react. Stylish without being arrogant, and built on a good solid engine, the Audi R8 would menace its way up and down the touchline for 90 minutes.
Who?: Mesut Ozil. He may not have shone in the World Cup as much as his team mates, he was still an integral part of the World Cup winning squad, the perfect team player. It was no surprise that Arsenal’s form dipped last season when Ozil was out injured. They will be hoping that he can stay fit this season so another promising start doesn’t fizzle out once again.


Position: Defensive Midfielder
Car: Rolls Royce Phantom
Why?: In the centre of the park you need experience. Something that has been around and knows how the game works. Rolls Royce is an iconic brand with a history of excellence behind it. Whilst not always having the strongest of sales, the cars itself have always been top class. The Rolls Royce Phantom is its flagship model, leading the company as an example of excellence and design. If you want a car that will make people respect you, the Phantom is the one to choose. Built on a good engine, it may not have the speed of the flashier cars, it will still keep going and going and never give up.
Who?: He may have had a bad few months, but Steven Gerrard is still one of the best midfielders in the world. Retreating to a defensive midfield position, Gerrard shined for Liverpool in 2013/14, scoring goals and providing assists from deep. His leadership qualities have never been in doubt. But if Gerrard was to buy a Phantom, he may want to check the tyres. Make sure there’s plenty of grip to prevent any slipping…


Position:Attacking Midfielder
Car: Mercedes-Benz SLR
Why?: Another German car in midfield? Well we were looking for something that had style and luxury to fill that attacking mid position. You want a car that will look great with a bit of kick under the bonnet. The Mercedes-Benz SLR fits the bill perfectly. Not only is it popular among footballers, it is a luxury car and in modern football, having an exclusively attacking midfielder is a luxury. This isn’t your false nine, this is a car that will drive forward adding style and sophistication to the attack. You can’t beat the SLR for that!
Who?: We had to choose a player who was kicked out of Chelsea for being too attacking as an attacking midfielder. Juan Mata. After being one of the players of the season in the 12/13 season, Mourinho seemed to dislike him and shipped him off to Manchester United in January of this year. Showing glimpses of his quality despite United’s…difficult…season, Mata will be hoping to become an integral part of his team’s resurgence.


Position: Right Midfielder
Car: Ferrari 599 GTB
Why?: We have German engineering and discipline on the left wing, so we need a bit of flair and wow factor on the right. The Ferrari 599 GTB more than provides that. A beautiful design over an incredible body, the Ferrari brings speed and acceleration that would leave the crowd on their feet. No defender would want to see the Ferrari 599 running towards it, the turn of pace leaving defenders in the dust. This is not the car for defence stability. This is for speed, speed, speed!
Who?: A car like the Ferrari 599 begs for some latin american wonderkid to be chosen as its namesake. But if you are after frightening speed and acceleration, there is only one name – Raheem Sterling. Seeming to improve with every game, Sterling goes into the new season as one of the name’s to watch. At just nineteen, he has the world at his feet. Now, if he sorts his hair out, he would really be able to claim the Ferrari 599 position as his own.

Next time: The Attack

Part two of our Creditplus Dream Team is over. We’ve packed the midfield with some top quality motors. Have we made the right choices? Are there any weaknesses in the centre that will cause us problems? Send us your dream team and we’ll showcase the best of the rest.

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