The Presidential Election race takes place every four years in the United States, where candidates campaign tirelessly to the masses across the country to obtain arguably the most important job in the world. The US Election of 2016 has been full of drama, scandals and character assassinations; it’s sometimes felt more like a primetime soap opera rather than something which will spread across the Atlantic.

However, on Tuesday 8 November, this often-bitter battle will be in part decided by the US people as they get to decide whether Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the new President of the United States. And whoever lands the rather coveted position will obviously need an equally grand car to boot.

Previous presidential cars

To date there have been 43 different US presidents, each one polarising and dividing the opinions of the people across both the US and the rest of the world. But one thing that can be agreed on is that The White House car park has seen some pretty impressive cars over the years.

Here at Creditplus we’ve decided to take a little stroll down memory lane as the 2016 Presidential Election race boils down to the actual vote itself next week. So, here are some of the famous cars associated with some previous presidents.

Barack Obama – The Beast


Although Obama doesn’t drive the huge black Cadillac limo himself, the heavily armoured vehicle is surely worth a mention. Its cabin is completely sealed to protect again biochemical attacks; the Kevlar-enforced tyres are puncture resistant and its 8-inch thick armoured doors make Obama’s ride completely impenetrable against attackers. A moving fortress fit for a king (well, a President).

William Taft – Baker Electric


Ordering that The White House stables be replace with garages, Taft – who served as President between 1909 and 1913 – became the first President to drive an all-electric vehicle. He was clearly way before his time.

Lyndon B. Johnson – Amphicar


Perhaps one of the wackiest motors of all the US Presidents, LBJ’s Amphicar stands out from the crowd. It was the only civilian amphibious car to be mass produced, and was easily able to transition from land to water. In fact, LBJ used to trick his unsuspecting passengers by claiming his brakes had cut out whilst leisurely driving around his ranch before plunging into nearby lakes. Very funny Johnson, very funny.

Bill Clinton – 1967 Mustang Convertible


Before Clinton’s presidential reign (1993-2001), the husband of current contender Hilary Clinton drove an ice blue 1967 Mustang Convertible around Arkansas. Clinton is quoted to have said that his Mustang was the hardest thing for him to leave behind when moving to Washington DC. We can’t blame him – it’s a classic!

John F Kennedy – SS-100-X (1961 Lincoln Continental)


Unfortunately, this impressive car is most famous for being the vehicle in which JFK was tragically assassinated in on 22 November 1963. The presidential limousine now resides on permanent display in the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, after serving Presidents’ Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Carter.

The 2016 Contenders

Donald Trump – Chevy Suburban


Perhaps one of the most polarising presidential contender to date, Trump is no shrinking violet. Known for his outspoken opinions and controversial views, he is also fond of his cars, owning a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren throughout his well-documented and lavish career. However, during his presidential campaign, the American-made Chevy Suburban is his vehicle of choice.

Hillary Clinton – Chevrolet Express


Image: Bloomberg

Former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton serves as the Democratic nominee for the United States. When Clinton is not going toe-to-toe with arch rival Trump exchanging below the belt blows, she is being driven around in a Chevrolet Express, customised by the Explorer Van Company. Hilary affectionately calls the souped-up vehicle the ‘Scooby Van’; however, there is nothing comical about Hilary’s ride as it comes kitted out with armour and in-house medical aids.

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