We have something a little bit special for you today, something a little out of the ordinary. We rarely cover motorbikes here, which is a shame because I love them. That’s why I’m very excited to bring you a bit of news I’m fairly confident you will not have seen anywhere else. This is Gemini Project.


Let’s all just take a moment to admire that bike before we go any further. That is a handsome bike. Look at it, I’ll wait.


Before we get started on the bike, I’d like to take a look at the people behind it. Project Gemini is the brain child of Tony Scott, owner of T3 Racing, and Kevin Taggart, Spirit of the Seventies designer. Bike racing fans out there might recognise the name T3 Racing, they founded and ran a single make racing league called the Triumph Triple Challenge, which up until last year was a supporting class to the British Superbikes. This is important because it means they actually know what they are doing. They have real racing pedigree and proper engineering expertise, providing race support for a number of racers in the British Supersport series, that’s just one step down from British Superbikes so they know their stuff.

All that racing experience translates directly in to real bike set up and tuning know how, which is what T3 Racing is really all about. You can take your bike into their unit, which by the way is located on Gasoline alley (awesome); they will then inject a new lease of life in to it. It’s an unassuming shop front, they don’t shout too much about what they do but they really should.

The Bikes


Anyway, enough about that, you’re here to find out about these bikes so lets get down to it. Gemini Project is in fact a pair of bikes, the differences between the two are purely cosmetic, so you don’t have to choose between performance and looks. 50 of each bike will be made, 100 in total and when they are gone that will be it, no more will be made. The Gemini bikes will be truly exclusive, a maximum of two per dealer and T3 has stated it is “unlikely to supply more than six bikes to any one country”, so if you manage to get one, the chances of seeing someone else on the same bike as you will be slim to none.

This is all very well but T3 Racing is based in the South East of England, what if you live up North or even in another country, how are you going to have your unique bike serviced? Fear not because T3 have said that all servicing and warranty work will be carried out by their local representatives in whichever country you are in. Can’t argue with that.



By this point you probably want to know what these things are packing so here is what you’d be getting:

Frame: Triumph 1050 Speed Triple

The bikes will use the new Triumph Speed Triple frame. This new frame gives more focus to forward weight distribution which gives a better overall feel and allows for much sharper handling.
Steering Angle: 22.8 Degrees
Wheelbase: 1435mm
Trail: 90.9 mm

Engine: 160 HP Triumph Triple Three-Cyclinder Hinckley Motor

The already great Triumph Hinckley motor gets the T3 treatment. Tuned to produce more power, more torque and an increased rev limit. The power output has been bumped up to 160 HP and the smooth Hinckley motor delivers that power to the road in an electrifying manner.


Forks: T3 Reworked 43mm Upside Down Showa Forks

The already high quality Showa forks have been reworked by T3 Racing to an even higher level. These new units contain revamped rebound and compression stacks with brand new T6 Billet Aluminium fork Drop-Outs. They have also worked their magic on the central rear shock meaning you can set your bike up for a nice leisurely ride or a blistering track session yourself and you know it’s going be amazing for either.

Yokes: Bespoke Gemini Project

Specially crafted for the Project Gemini bikes, machined from T6 billet aluminium. These come engraved with the Project Gemini logo or you can have your own design engraved to add some extra personality. A nice little touch.


Brakes: T3 Custom Brakes

When you increase the power of something you should increase the braking power equally. That is why T3 have upgraded the stock brakes to their own 6 pot billet callipers and performance pads, you can even have ABS if you want it.

Wheels & Tyres: Magnesium Wheels & Giant Tyres

Two different wheels options are available for each bike, giving further customisation options. The wheels come loaded with a six-inch wide tyre on the back to help you lay that power on to the ground.


Swingarm: Single Sided Aluminium

A lightweight, high quality aluminium swingarm is set up to be very stiff, this gives the entire chassis a very stiff feel allowing it to be used in any situation, track or road. Also the single sided swingarm clearly looks very cool.

Electronics: Only The Best

T3 Racing will only be putting the best electronics on this machine. Touch screen displays, quick shifters and keyless ignition are just a couple of nice features on the Gemini. Hold on, touch screen on a bike? Yep. You can pretend you are in Tron, which I’m fairly confident is the dream of every motorcyclist.



How much is all this loveliness going to cost then? It’s about the only thing I haven’t mentioned in this piece and I wasn’t doing it just to wind you up. I simply don’t know. The official word from T3 is that prices will be announced in August, so if I were you I’d keep an eye on the T3 Racing Website for the most up to date news, you are going to need to be pretty on the ball to grab yourself one of these bad boys anyway, may as well start now!


So what have we learnt today then? We know that T3 Racing are putting together one of the coolest bikes you’ll see in a while and we know that no expense has been spared on it. We also know that this bike is going to be very exclusive and different which is nice to see in today mass produced society. I know a lot of you like to personalise your bikes, making them something a bit special to you. Well, with the Gemini, you get personalisation options before you even get hold of it, meaning you will be the ONLY person with a bike like that. Not only that, but you also know there will be just five other riders with this piece of kit in the country. That’s quite special.

Exclusivity is one thing but it’s no good if the bike does not work, you could build your own bike out of a lawnmower and some broomsticks and call it exclusive, that doesn’t mean it’s a good bike. You need to have a detailed understanding of what makes riding a bike the joy that it is, this is something T3 have in bucket-loads, they just get bikes. If you manage to get your hands on one of these you know it’s going to be a joy to ride. They are putting their everything in to these bikes; the best parts combined with the a wealth of engineering experience can only be a good thing. Also, it’s gorgeous, so there’s that too.

That’s all folks, I’ll be following the announcements from T3 Racing on this one so check back soon for more information.

Oh, you want some more pretty pictures? Go on then.

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