This year marks the centenary of the UK’s edition of Vogue Magazine, the country’s most well-known and respected style bible. With HRH The Duchess of Cambridge adding the royal touch to the June edition’s cover – and with her Grandmother-in-Law turning 90 earlier this year – it’s currently all about style, class and ladies we can aspire and look up to.

As the Creditplus Blogging team’s resident shopper, there’s nothing I love more than a shiny new handbag. As this blog post is most suited to me, I’ve put together some of the world’s fashion houses’ most wanted creations with the cars from our vast database that I think are each car’s perfect match. If only money was no object…

Mini Countryman and the Mulberry ‘Bayswater’


As true icons of their respective brands, you couldn’t go any more all-out British than combining two of the biggest names in the designer and automotive worlds. The classic and refined simplicity of the Bayswater is the attractive opposite of the fun and quirky Countryman. With both being perfectly matched in the styling and quality stakes, they will also easily transport you from the urban jungle to the countryside.

Fiat 500 and the Michael Kors ‘Jet Set’ Travel Tote


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of popularity, and this particular Michael Kors piece and the Fiat 500 both have this in abundance. There really wasn’t anywhere you could look during 2015 without seeing one or both of these, with Generation’s Y and Z getting involved with both brands. With both the Tote and the 500 being equally pretty and practical, it’s not difficult to see why they were both being snapped up.

Range Rover Evoque and the Chanel Large Classic Flap Bag


Bringing together true Parisian chic and beautiful British styling is easily done with the iconic Range Rover Evoque and Chanel’s most coveted piece of arm candy. With unmistakeable badging and detailing on both, neither style nor substance is sacrificed in the eye-catching and envy stakes. Whether it’s date night with the girls or a suave and sophisticated social event, you wouldn’t need to worry about your look with either of these.

Audi R8 and the Coach ‘Edie’


As perhaps one of the most striking cars on our list, the Audi R8 could only really be tamed by the Edie. Its soft and stunningly simple looks are the perfect foil for the boisterous German, bringing a small dose of refinement to their joint practicality efforts. While everyone will recognise the Audi on sight, it will only be those in the know that will recognise the subtle and understated beauty of the Edie.

Aston Martin Vantage and the Hermes ‘Birkin’


While Chanel can usually claim all of the plaudits for being on the ‘most wanted’ lists, the Birkin is in a whole other league of attainment. With a waiting list spanning at least two years, it’s really only available for the A listers among us. A timeless elegance coupled with icon status means the Aston Martin Vantage is the vehicle most closely matched from our vast database. Both offer styling that will turn heads and have most of us mere mortals dreaming of owning such pretty things. A girl can dream…

Ready to bag yourself a great new car?

Whether you’ve already got your iconic handbag – or you need to get out shopping to purchase it – you’ll need to get there in style. Applying for car finance takes just 2 minutes using our application form. If you want to  work out how much you can afford, you can use our Car Finance Calculator, or give our Customer Advisors a call on 0800 1777 290. They’ll also be able to talk to you about your finance options; they might not fully understand the importance of the latest ‘it-bag’, but they do know how to get you the finance you need for the car you want.



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