Image: New Lightweight E-Type Revealed

The Special Operations division of Jaguar Land Rover have unveiled details of their new Lightweight E-type. The new E-type will be the first recreation launched from Jaguar Heritage.

In May 2014, Jaguar announced that it would recreate the E-type in a New Lightweight model. Just six models would be produced, each hand-built by the craftsmen at Jaguar. Now Jaguar have released more details and images of the prototype.

Recreating the classic Jaguar E-Type, each of the new Lightweight recreations will be built to the exact same specifications as the last Lightweight built in 1964. As before, the new E-type will be hand-crafted at the original home of the model, the Brown Lane plant in Coventry.


The original Lightweight E-type was built as part of a limited production project in 1963. The idea was to build eighteen of the cars, each of them on a special aluminium body. This “Special GT E-Type” project only completed twelve of the eighteen chassis numbers, leaving six unmade. The new cars will complete the order, becoming the “missing” six vehicles from the original project.

Mike Cross, Chief Engineer at Jaguar said, “With the Lightweight E-type, our focus as a design team has been to ensure justice was done to the original work of Sir William Lyons and Malcolm Sayer. Meticulous attention to detail has been everything to us in re-creating this car, just as it is in our contemporary Jaguars. I believe the result is a new Lightweight E-type that is as stunning now as the originals would have been when they were new.”


The original Lightweight E-type became world famous during its limited time in competitive racing, with many famous race drivers getting behind the wheel. In today’s market, original Lightweight E-types are worth millions. The new cars will be sold as period competition vehicles and will be classified under FIA homologation for historic motorsport.


The six lucky owners will receive the rarest of things – a brand new Lightweight E-type hand-built at Browns Lane. The new facility will provide special projects such as these warrantied servicing and restoration, as well as for Jaguar’s other classic models.

The new Lightweight E-Type will be revealed at the Pebble Beach Automotive weekend, beginning tomorrow August 14th with the grand opening reception.

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