Where to go from a Toyota Aygo?

Nathalie is a young mum, balancing the care of a four year old boy and a two year old girl with her job as a recruitment consultant. The time has come to upgrade her 2007 Toyota Aygo to something a bit bigger. So what are her options? We take a look.


Nathalie puts a lot of effort into getting the work/life balance right. Having two young children means working full time has become difficult, and yet Nathalie has managed it. To help make things easier, Nathalie is looking to upgrade her 2007 Toyota Aygo into something bigger. Here are Nathalie’s key requirements:

  • Plenty of space for her two children.
  • Not too difficult to park – space at work is limited.
  • Plenty of boot space. Ideally for a double buggy, but could manage with just one.
  • Comfort is a priority, as Nathalie spends a lot of time driving around for work and doing the nursery run.

Looking at Nathalie’s finances, she has a good credit rating and around £350 per month to spend on finance. Lets take a look at her options.

The Brand Loyalty Choice: Toyota Auris


One option Nathalie may wish to go for is to stick with Toyota. As her Aygo caused her no problems over the years, Nathalie would be happy to stick with a brand she knows and trusts.

Looking at the available models, the most suitable choice would be the Toyota Auris. Bigger than the Aygo and the Yaris, the Toyota Auris has more space all round, ideal for when the two young children grow up and grow bigger. The rear seats fold down for more space if needed, so more than enough space for shopping bags after a weekly trip to the supermarket. Another bonus is the safety rating, with a five star rating from Euro NCAP and a high score of 84% for child protection. With regards to comfort, the seats are fine to drive in but obviously not as high quality as those you would find in luxury or higher spec cars. More practical than anything else.


  • Plenty of space
  • High safety rating
  • A trusted brand

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The Super Sizing Choice: Nissan Qashqai


Increasingly popular amongst professionals managing their work life balance, a crossover SUV is becoming more viable as an upgrade for young families.

The most popular crossover on the market is the Nissan Qashqai. One of the first cars to launch the crossover phenomenon, the Qashqai is the perfect size for a growing family. Large boot space means a double buggy will fit in with some space to spare for bags. In fact the back space will comfortably fit two adults, with a fifth able to join in for short journeys. ISOFIX car seat attachments add to the car’s high safety ratings. The Qashqai’s size and space makes driving comfortable, seats are fully adjustable and an excellent suspension making for a smooth drive. Its large size can make parking difficult, especially if you have a model without parking sensors.


  • Huge amount of seating space
  • Large boot
  • Excellent safety rating

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The Popular Choice: Ford Focus


Dominating the UK small family car market, the Ford Focus is the third most popular car in the UK, after the small Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Fiesta.

Not only is it extremely popular, it also regularly wins car of the year awards, including the recent “What Car? Small Family and Used Car of the Year 2014”. Bigger than the Aygo, the back seats are fine for three children or a couple of adults, so ideal for a growing family. With regards to space, the boot will fit a single buggy, with more space available if you fold down the back seats. Comfort is fine for the driver, with adjustable seats and lumbar support. The Focus is a joy to drive, which should make the school runs much less arduous. Also received a 5 star safety rating from Euro NCAP.


  • Won lots of awards.
  • Fun to drive.
  • Easy to park.

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The Alternative Choice: Skoda Octavia Estate


A recent survey showed that Skoda drivers are the happiest, so a family sized option could be the Skoda Octavia Estate.

The key feature of the Octavia Estate is the huge boot size, one of the biggest on the market. The large amount of space isn’t just in the boot, with the back seats easily fitting two adults or three children inside. The interior also has a lot of in car storage options, ideal for storing wet wipes and snacks to keep the children happy. The length of the car can make parking difficult, luckily parking sensors are available on most models. The Octavia performed well in safety tests, receiving a five star rating from Euro NCAP. With regards to comfort, the car does feel a few bumps at low speeds, partially because of its size. However the seating is standard and won’t be too uncomfortable to spend too much time behind the wheel. Whilst not setting the pulse racing too much, the Octavia is an easy drive.


  • Huge amounts of boot space.
  • Lots of seating space too.
  • A relaxed drive.

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