Grammy winning musician displays his car inspired artwork

Grammy winning singer songwriter Neil Young is to display his car inspired artwork at a gallery in Santa Monica, California. A career spanning over 45 years with 35 studio albums, Young has taken a lot of inspiration from the cars he drives.

Legendary musician

Canadian artist Neil Young is more famous for his country/rock music than his skills with the paintbrush. Debuting a collection of watercolour paintings, the medium may be surprising for those vaguely familiar with the artist, but the subject certainly isn’t for Neil Young fans. Extremely passionate about his cars, Young has written a book titled “Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life and Cars” detailing his personal history through the cars he has owned and driven across his lifetime. The gallery show is to help promote the launch of the book.


Another auto project from Young was an attempt to convert a 1959 Lincoln Continental into a hybrid car, in a bid to raise more awareness for environmental issues. Across his career, Young has been outspoken with his support for farmers, as well as holding fundraisers for environment charities. Although the modifications on the car caused a fire back in 2010, Young is still determined to convert and drive the car from his home to Washington D.C. where he hopes to gain attention from the politicians there. A documentary on the attempt to convert the car directed by Young is still in production.

Motoring Artwork


This isn’t the first time Young has displayed his artwork. His 2014 Storytone LP had one of his watercolour paintings on the cover. The artwork will be available to view at the Robert Berman Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Specialising in mid career and established artists, the gallery displays work across all mediums. The Neil Young show will run from the 3rd to the 8th of November with the book on sale now.

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