Two new designs for the Toyota FT-1 have been unveiled, one in the physical world and one in the digital. Toyota has released brand new concept images of their highly anticipated FT-1 and we can’t get enough of it here at Creditplus, it is simply gorgeous. The already futuristic looking car has been even further updated on the outside with new graphite paintwork which looks superb, a totally different look compared to when it was first unveiled at the Detroit roadshow. Find out about the Detroit Roadshow FT-1 launch here.


The interior of the car has not missed out on the action either, with a new interior design inspired by the costumes in recent superhero films. Instead of the garish spandex costumes from the past, modern superheroes use high-tech materials to create their super suits. No more garish colours and bright tights – its all about performance. Something Toyota has taken very seriously.


At almost the exact same time that the pictures of the re-imagined FT-1 designs emerged, some different images of another FT-1 surfaced although this time they were from the digital realm. The pictures were screen shots from the video game ‘Gran Turismo 6’. Developers Polyphony Digital clearly wanted to make the FT-1 even bigger and beefier than the real thing. Changes to the original design include wider wheels arches because the game version has larger tyres to provide even better grip. There is also a larger rear spoiler for increased down force and a multitude of fins on and under the car for better air flow. One of the most obvious changes are the huge air intakes on the front of the car, which would allow far better engine cooling.


From September, players of Gran Turismo 6 will be able to download both versions of the car for use in game, to tear up virtual race tracks in their favourite FT-1 to their hearts desire. Both designs look the part but we think you just can’t beat the real thing and are looking forward to seeing this re-imagined design in the metal. Check out this blog post from Tom about some very interesting car technology with ties to Gran Turismo.

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