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Formula One

Lewis Hamilton made history over the weekend by becoming the most successful British formula one driver ever when he emerged victorious at the United States Grand Prix, it was his 32nd career win, an impressive feat.


Despite losing out on pole position in qualifying to his teammate Nico Rosberg he still managed to beat Rosberg with a bold overtaking manoeuvre out on track when it mattered. The win also means that Hamilton extends his lead even further to 24 points ahead of teammate Rosberg.

Daniel Ricciardio of Redbull finished up in third but despite this, he is now mathematically out of the running for the drivers championship. The only drivers that can win are Hamilton and Rosberg which means that Mercedes know they have the drivers championship title wrapped up. However Hamilton’s win also means that the championship definitely won’t be decided until the final round at Abu Dhabi. Normally a lead like the one Hamilton has would be very difficult to overcome but the Abu Dhabi stage is actually worth double the points. This means Rosberg could actually fail to finish in the next round and still be in with a chance of winning if Hamilton failed to finish in the final round. This means that the final round of the season is going to be extremely exciting! View image on Twitter

Felipe Massa managed to fight off the competition and hold on to his qualifying position and finished in fourth. Massa’s teammate Valtteri Bottas followed very closely behind in fifth. Alonso had a really fantastic race to finish up in sixth, having multiple battles on his way up the field, particularly with Jenson Button, who actually did not make it into the top ten.


Jimmie Johnson has won at the Texas Motor Speedway in the Nascar cup. That makes it his 70th career sprint cup victory and his fourth at the Texas Motor Speedway which makes him the tracks all time win leader.

Unfortunately, not for the first time this season, it isn’t the racing in Nascar that is making the headlines. Another fight in the pits broke out after the race, featuring Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski, who has already been involved in at least one off track ‘disagreement’ this season.

The whole incident began when Keselowski slammed into the side of Gordon’s Chevvy which cut his tyre and forced him to pit early to get the tyre changed. The problem wasn’t just that they lost time replacing the tyre but because race control then penalised them for pitting too early. This meant that when the race came to an end Jeff Gordon was less than pleased with Keselowski and wasn’t afraid to show it. This kind of behaviour seems to be becoming a regular occurance in the Nascar scene and people have dubbed the sport ‘WWECAR’ due to the abundance of fighting that seems to be taking place.

F1 Off the Track

The drama continues to unfold around the future of F1 and the teams that may or may not be part of it. There were threats from privateer teams Lotus, Sauber and Force India of boycotting the US Grand Prix but F1 director Bernie Ecclestone managed to subdue these for the time being. That being said there are rumours circulating that a boycott might be on the cards for the Brazil GP and Lotus team owner Lopez Gerard is the one leading the charge.

They are criticising the way that the income distribution favours the larger teams and Ecclestonoe has now openly admitted that this is a problem. If this issue is not resolved by the time this season is finished then there is talk of the privateer teams challenging the legality of the sport under EU competition laws and Ecclestone is taking these threats seriously, especially considering McLaren has already said they do not want to field three cars, which was Bernie’s solution to losing the smaller teams.

That’s it for now, check back next week for another racing round up.

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