When you take your car for servicing or a valet, you may be offered a “SMART repair” service. But what exactly gets covered during a SMART repair?

What does SMART stand for?

The SMART acronym describes the type of work carried out.

S – Small
M – Medium
A – Area
R – Repair
T – Technology

The SMART system is designed to provide a quick and cost effective repair to an area of cosmetic damage. It is designed to tackle the damage in a small localised area, meaning it will take less time and effort to repair. It should also generally be less expensive, as the repair is confined to a smaller space.

What types of repair are included in the SMART system?

The SMART system primarily deals with cosmetic damage, and will generally cover the following areas:

Chip and Scuff Repair: This covers damage to the paintwork, repaired so that the former defect is now invisible. Where this once would require a car going to a professional body shop, SMART repair can tackle these problems efficiently, with paint matching making the repair work invisible.

Paintless Dent Removal: Removing a dent can be extremely difficult and can often lead to more damage trying to fix it. The SMART repair process uses special tools to remove the dent without having to repaint the bodywork.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment: The SMART repair system can return your wheel alloys to their former glory, repairing damage caused by potholes or kerbs, discolouration, and corrosion. The quick service means you don’t have to lose your car for days.

Interior Repair: Car seats and upholstery can easily get damaged. Whether it’s a cigarette burn on a seat, leather becoming scuffed and worn, or door panels becoming scuffed from constant use. SMART technology is now advanced enough to repair most damage invisibly.

Glass Repair: SMART repair can tackle windscreen chips and cracks, repairing them before they become a serious issue. The speed of the SMART repair service means you are not off the road for long.

Should I choose SMART repair?

SMART repair is often quicker and cheaper than a conventional repair service, getting you back on the road for less. A SMART repair is also an excellent way to prepare your car for sale, fixing any niggling cosmetic damage that could affect your sale price.

Are you a SMART technician? We’re hiring

We’re looking for a talented SMART repair technician to join our workshop team. More details can be found over at our job listing.

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