The Paris motor show is currently in full swing and there have already been some amazing cars unveiled which will be featured in our Paris Motor Show extravaganza to keep your updated over the next few days. In light of the Paris Motor Show we have a very cryptic development which appeared late last night. Elon Musk, the boss over at Tesla, teased the motoring world with this very vague and mysterious sounding tweet and this shadowy image. This kind of teasing imagery has done absolute wonders for car manufacturers PR campaigns as of late, just check out the last media offerings from Lamborghini!

There has been speculation on motoring forums that the ‘D’ might be an all wheel drive version of the already existing model S but this of course is unconfirmed, what we can almost certainly guarantee you is that is will not stand for diesel! Now, as for the ‘something else’ we are as much in the dark about this as anyone else is. Personally, as a lover of motorbikes, I hope it is a fully electric motorbike and there is no reason why it couldn’t be, Tesla certainly have the technology to do it. Realistically though, and this is purely speculation, I think it might be a small, slightly more affordable fully electric hatch back type affair but what do I know? I guess all we can do is wait and see! Enjoy our blog? Check out our monthly round up. Interested in a new car? Why not have a look at our best finance deal this month!

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