Testing the new Land Rover

In the lead up to the launch of the new Discovery Sport, Land Rover have teamed up with their global partner Virgin Galactic to provide a unique insight into the testing and development of a new vehicle.

Entering its final pre-launch stage, the Discovery Sport has come through a rigorous testing procedure to make sure it is ready to go. Prototypes have covered almost 750,000 miles during tests. As part of its testing, the Discovery Sport was put through its paces in some of the most challenging terrains and locales in the world. Murray Dietsch, Programme Director at Land Rover, said “A total of 181 prototype vehicles were built, completing over 11,000 tests over their lifetimes around the globe, ensuring total confidence in the robustness of build and design of the vehicles.”


The Discovery Sport was tested in temperatures from -36° to 42° Celsius and in water up to 600mm deep. The car was driven up inclines of 40 degrees and declines of 45 degrees. In total, 11,720 tests were carried out on the vehicle, ensuring that the car is ready and raring to go for its 3rd of September launch.


Across Land and Space – Land Rover & Virgin Galactic

This insight into testing follows closely behind Land Rover announcing their partnership with Virgin Galactic, becoming the first global partner for the commercial spaceline. “As we look to launching the world’s first spaceline, Virgin Galactic continues to push boundaries and develop pioneering new innovations that bring to life our vision,” said George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic. “In engineering and design, like Land Rover, our focus is on precision, ingenuity, and unparalleled design.”

As part of their collaboration, Land Rover and Virgin Galactic will be working together to share engineering and design expertise in the hope of benefiting future development.

The first Virgin Galactic flight is scheduled for later this year.


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