New Mazda MX-5 for 2015 has been revealed

After a long build-up, Mazda have finally unveiled their new MX-5. Having sold almost a million copies of the previous generations, Mazda will be hoping to continue the success when the latest version goes on sale in 2015.


Months of secrecy over the reveal of the new MX-5 ended last night at the international reveal event. Taking place in Monterey California, Tokyo and Barcelona, Mazda spared no expense streaming the event live on Youtube and hiring 80s superstars Duran Duran to headline the California show.


The next generation Mazda Mx-5 is the first to be jointly produced by Mazda and another company. Fiat will partner with the Japanese marque and are expected to produce their own Italian version under either their Alfa Romeo Spyder name, or under the Abarth badge.

An updated Mazda MX-5


The most significant change to the car is the lack of turbo, replaced instead by Mazda’s ultra efficient SkyActiv-G high compression petrol line. Exact details of what engine sizes will be available have not yet been announced, although it is expected to follow the same engine sizes as the previous generation, with speed tuned engines becoming available on request. The driver’s seat position has been lowered and moved back slightly to make it more comfortable to drive, and the curved windscreen and side windows are designed to improve airflow when the roof is down.


The styling itself is another change, with different lines and curves to make the car more modern. Aluminium has been used to reduce weight, with the bonnet, front wings, bumper mountings, and boot lid all made out of the material. This reduces the weight by 100kg.


The most successful roadster of all time

The original MX-5 is one of the most popular cars of all time, with Guinness World Records declaring the car to be the “Best-Selling two seater sports car in history”. As of February 2011, over 900,000 units have been produced. With the release of the newest model, the one million unit mark is surely not far away.

The new Mazda MX-5 will be available to buy from Spring 2015, and will retail at under £20,000.

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