Image: The beautiful MINI Superleggera

For the first time, MINI have brought their stunning Superleggera to the UK. The car is being displayed as part of the ultra exclusive Salon Privé event.


The MINI Superleggera Vision is the product of a partnership between BMW MINI and Touring Superleggera, an Italian coach building house in Milan that embraces traditional design. Combining the classic style of a compact two-seater roadster with an ultra modern electric drivetrain, the MINI Superleggera is a truly unique model.

Half British/Half Italian

The design of the exterior combines elements of the iconic Classic Mini with that of a more traditional sportscar. The car retains some key features of the Mini, including the distinctive headlights and hexagonal front grille. It also has the same wheel positioning that comes with a Mini, the wide space giving the car excellent agility. The traditional three stripes on the body are embossed into the bonnet.


The stretched body and bonnet help mould the car into the more familiar sportscar shape, and the curved wheel arches give the car a dynamic feel. The closed radiator grille is a subtle indicator of the car’s electric engine.

Expertly crafted

The majority of the body is built from large sheets of metal, shaped by hand over aluminium tube frames. The paintwork is a special Como Blue, to give the car a fluid, almost liquid effect. Elaborate rims and custom designed mirrors add to the overall effect, showcasing the cars Italian roots. The completed exterior design is another example of the long history of high quality coach building performed by Touring Superleggera.


Finishing off the whole effect is the fin, a striking presence on the rear of the car. Not only does it aid the car’s longitudinal dynamics, it is also a bit of quirkiness that is associated with the MINI brand.

Interior of the highest quality

Drawing on the expertise of their Italian partners, the interior design embraces the tradition of their classic coachwork construction. It is almost as if the exterior is as one with the interior, the aluminium body’s curves reflected on the interior features, especially the dashboard which remains in its factory finish, unpainted state.


The MINI Superleggera started out as a concept car. After premièring at the Villa D’Este car show in May, it looks like the car could be in production and on sale sometime 2015.

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