It’s been a busy ol’ week in the land of automobiles, as a little show called the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) rolled into Detroit with a tonne of world-firsts, a lot of metal and a little bit of gasoline… Sorry.. Petrol. If you haven’t checked out our run-down of the most important reveals and highlights from Detroit, head on over there now. Then come and see the best stuff on the web related to the Auto Show…


Tesla Model XRead it on Jalopnik here.

Jason Torchinsky (Follow him on Twitter here) is one of the most fun writers on the web right now. Anybody who’s read his “Will It Baby” posts will surely agree. Among Jalopnik’s Detroit coverage is this little gem about a much overlooked car at the show, the Tesla Model X. A 7-seater almost minivan-like car, with “Falcon-Wing” doors, 7 seats and an electric range of up to 265 miles, Torchinsky raves about how much like “the future” it feels when sat in the Model X. Indeed, I’d choose this over a Picasso any day, but that $30,000 potential price? Highly unlikely, but I’ll live in hope.

What I do know is that sitting in the Model X was the first time 2013 actually felt like the future to me. And the future looked pretty good.


Detroit 2013’s Winners and LosersRead it on’s Kicking Tires Blog

What’s the best way to write about the cars on show at Detroit? Get all your editors together and write short, succinct statements on why the car is a winner or a loser. It’s not an in-depth piece of journalistic perfection or Pulitzer-bound, but it’s fun and it works. It’s also interesting to see what different people think of the cars, whether it’s unanimous (Corvette! Yeah!) or split down the middle (Kia Cadenza). Here’s what Joe Wiesenfelder said about the latter…

This was a tough one, but I’m saying loser because the styling isn’t what I expect from Kia. I like the diffuse neon look to the taillights, but the headlights have that white-stripe eyebrow I loathe on BMWs. Looks like a film that was supposed to be removed after shipping.


Detroit Auto ShowRead it on Wired here.

Again, this one is more of a list than a detailed examination of anything, but Wired always write great stuff. Damon Lavrinc takes us through the highlights of the show, from the formidable Atlas concept from Ford to Audi’s stunning RS 7.

Consider that Ford sold nearly 650,000 F-Series pickups in the U.S. last year alone (more than any other vehicle in America and making the Corvette’s 12,000 or so laughable), and you should be able to understand the importance of a vehicle that reportedly accounts for a majority of the Blue Oval’s global profits.”

So there we have it. If you have read any especially-awesome car-related stuff in the last week, let me know in the comments!

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